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Yadix does not restrict any trading methods as it is a 100% complete STP broker.

The broker only restricts latency arbitrage on CFD products.

Yadix Official Website

One of a few STP in the world

Yadix is proud to be one of a few STP brokers in the world. STP brokers have more advantages for its traders.

The main points of trading with STP brokers are:

  1. No conflict of interest between traders and brokers
  2. No restrictions on trading environment
  3. No profit Cancellation
  4. Able to trade with the real exchange markets

Many brokers adopt both STP/OTC model and change the service depending on the traders.

In this case you won’t be able to trade with the exchange market but only with the brokers. So many traders will be just exchanging prices with brokers.

But in case of Yadix, the true STP broker, you can trade with the real exchange markets in the world created by liquidity providers(recognized banks).

So this means that your trade will actually have the impact to the exchange market.

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Only Latency Arbitrage is NOT allowed

Yadix allows all kinds of tradings including:

  • Scalping
  • EAs/Algorithm Tradings
  • API
  • News Time
  • Swap Trading etc

The reason why the broker allows all kinds of trading methods is because there is “no conflict of interest”.

So Yadix does not need to protect its profits by restricting traders’ opportunities.

But OTC brokers will need to restrict all kinds of profitable trading methods, because they will lose their money if traders make money.

Only method prohibited by Yadix is the “Latency Arbitrage”.

Latency Arbitrage is a trading method to give advantages to the trader by reading the time/price differences in different trading platforms.

It is especially prohibited on CFD instruments, as it is not a trading but it is just a price manipulation.

This price manipulation is highly difficult for many traders though, if you have a technology to execute such trading method, you are not recommended to do that with Yadix.

The most ideal broker

Yadix would be the most ideal broker for traders who are looking to trade some profitable methods in MT4.

There are not so many brokers which allow arbitrage(in general) or HFT for Forex tradings.

If you are trading with these kinds of methods with other brokers(OTC brokers), your profits will be cancelled by the broker when you withdraw with high possibility.

With Yadix, you can find your own profitable trading methods/tools and use them as much as you want in its trading platform.

Yadix does not restrict any trading methods nor cancel profits of its traders afterwards.

The broker wants you to earn profits and keep trading more, because that is the broker’s profits.

Yadix Official Website