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Yadix is a fully regulated online broker and provides 100% STP environment to its traders.

There is only a few STP broker in the world, and they have many benefits for tradings.

Merit of Yadix’s STP MT4

We can say Yadix is the real online broker that acts only as a broker for traders.

Most of the brokers in the world may or solely act as a Market Maker, in that case the broker is not acting as a broker but a Market for traders.

So the broker will become the sole execution venue for the traders and the broker will decide the rules and prices and everything because its their markets.

The biggest merit of trading with a STP broker is there is no “conflict of interest” between traders and brokers, because STP brokers like Yadix are just acting as a broker and sending orders of traders to the real exchange market created by liquidity providers.

In case of a OTC brokers(Market Makers), you don’t trade with any exchange market, but the broker will just cover(hedge) all your positions.

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No Trading Restrictions on Yadix MT4

As there is no conflict of interest, STP brokers do not need to restrict any profitable trading methods.

Unlike an OTC broker(Market Maker) which restrict many profitable trading tools, STP brokers want traders to earn profits and continue their tradings more.

Between OTC and STP brokers, the main conept of the services are totally different as follows:

  1. OTC brokers(Market Maker)
    • the broker generates profits when traders lose their money by tradings.
  2. STP brokers like Yadix
    • the broker generates profit when traders trade(by the spread). The profits and losses of traders are not related to the profit of brokers.

No Profit Cancellation

You might have heard of some brokers cancelling profits generated by its traders when they withdraw, but that is not the case for Yadix.

The reason behind the profit cancellations are because the brokers need to protect its own profits.

As there is no conflict of interest for STP brokers like Yadix, the broker does not cancel profits generated by its traders.

Yadix solely makes profits by the markup spread in the trading accounts, and the broker makes more money if its traders continue their tradings.

Yadix is happy to let its traders to make money and withdraw them.

No Price Manipulation

Being a STP broker eliminates the possibility of price manipulations in the trading platform.

Yadix does not manipulate prices or spreads, because that does not lead to their profits.

Trading with Yadix, will simply assure you that you are trading in a fair trading environment and real Forex market.

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