XM Account Types. Table of Contents


XM’s Forex Account Types Comparison

See the table below for the comparison of XM’s all account types to trade Forex and CFDs.

Account Types Micro Standard XM Zero XM Ultra Low Spread Shares
1 lot size 1,000 units 100,000 units 100,000 units 100,000 units 1 Share
Minimum Deposit $5 $5 $100 $50 $10000
Minimum Spread 1.0 pip 1.0 pip 0.0 pips 0.6 pips Depends
Extra Commission None None Charged None Charged
No Deposit Bonus Available Available Available Available Unavailable
Trading Bonus Available Available Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable

XM knows not every investment style is the same, which is why at XM, they offer a wide range of account types to accommodate all types of investors across multiple financial instruments.

With XM, you can open up to 8 live trading accounts at the same time and manage them all under your profile in XM’s members area.

Note that some trading account types may not be available for traders in certain jurisdictions.

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Which XM’s account type is the best?

XM offers about 5 trading account types and each account type offers different advantage for investors.

Which account type of XM is the best for your trading strategy?

Below we will explain the main advantages of each account type.

1, XM Micro account

XM’s Micro account type is suited for traders who want to invest small.

On XM’s Micro account, the trading volume is 100 times smaller than other account types.

You can also utilize 1:888 high leverage, thus the required margin is also very small.

XM’s Micro account type is available for traders all over the world, under any brand of XM.

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2, XM Standard account

XM’s Standard account offers the most basic trading conditions for investors.

XM’s Standard account type is suited for traders who can’t decide which one to open yet.

XM’s Standard account has all the benefits of all account types, such as low minimum deposit requirement, high leverage, low spread and zero trading commission.

You haven’t decided which account to use with XM? Then start with XM’s Standard account to start trading.

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3, XM Zero account

XM’s Zero account type offers raw spread from 0.0 pips.

This account type is superior in terms of trading cost, as the spread is raw with no mark-up and and the trading commission is only about $3.5 per lot trading.

The 1:888 high leverage may not apply and XM’s Zero account type requires at least $100 of minimum deposit, but the trading cost is one of the lowest among others.

Note that XM’s Zero account cannot receive the Trading Bonuses (Deposit Bonuses).

For the list of XM’s all bonus promotions and trading contests, visit the page here.

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4, XM Ultra Low Spread account

XM’s Ultra Low Spread account type is suited for traders who want to trade with tight spread but also with zero trading commission.

The minimum spread on XM’s Ultra Low Spread account starts from 0.6 pips, and there is no trading commissions.

XM’s Ultra Low Spread account also features 1:888 high leverage and requires only $50 of minimum deposit amount.

XM’s Ultra Low Spread account is available only for traders registered under XM Global brand.

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5, XM Shares account

XM’s Shares account is provided for traders who want to invest in the Stock market.

Unlike other account type, XM’s Shares account is dedicated only for the Shares trading.

It is not Stock CFDs, but XM’s Shares account provides you the access to the real stock markets.

XM’s Shares account requires $10,000 minimum deposit amount.

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Open Micro or Standard account for Bonuses

Note that XM’s bonus promotions are available mainly for XM’s Micro and Standard account types.

By opening XM’s Micro or Standard account, you can get $30 No Deposit Bonus, 50% and 20% Deposit Bonus and participate in XM’s loyalty program.

If you have opened an account of other types, then you may not be able to participate in XM’s bonus promotions.

With XM, you can own up to 8 live trading accounts and manage them all together in your XM’s members area.

Note that some of XM’s bonuses are available for only for the limited number of accounts and time period.

Before opening an account and participating in bonus promotions of XM, make sure you know the rules of each promotion.

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Download XM MT4 and MT5 platforms for free

Successful online trading depends on efficient and powerful trading technology.

XM arms you with tried and tested trading platforms to get you into the market quicker and easier, and access to rich information and trading tools help ensure you make educated trading decisions.

Have a look at their platform range below.

1. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Desktop

User-friendly all-purpose online trading platform.

Trade XM’s easy to navigate MT4 and MT5 platforms and benefit from all the trading and analysis tools a desktop platform has to offer.

Trade Spot FX, Metals, and CFDs on the world’s most popular trading platform and access powerful trade analysis tools.

2. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Web Trader

Trade Anywhere Anytime.

XM MT4 and MT5 WebTrader gives you direct access to your MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 account from any web browser.

Delivering a fast and functional system from which you can manage your trades without having to download or install the platform.

3. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Mobile Apps

Complete mobility and flexibility with XM’s MT4 and MT5 trading apps

Trade on the go through your smartphone or tablet and don’t waste an opportunity.

XM’s MT4 and MT5 apps combine freedom of movement with superior trade functionality and are available in both Apple and Andriod versions.

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See XM’s Professional Reports and Analysis

Online trading account for the short term trader, speculating on the volatility of the $5 trillion/day FX market.

As a trader on this account you will benefit from what traders care about most: tight spreads, low cost to trade and lightning quick execution.

We also know a trader relies on accurate breakdowns of technical analysis which is why you will receive daily reports with the latest technical trends to make sure you make the right trading decisions.

XM’s services also genuinely cater to beginners.

For a trader, time is money so start trading with one of the best now.

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Which markets do you invest in with XM?

XM provides more than 1000 financial instruments for trading.

Just by opening one trading account with XM, you can invest in over 1000 symbols from many different assets all together.

The available financial markets include Forex, Stock CFDs, Commodities, Equity Indices, Precious Metals, Energies and Shares.

Note that some financial markets may not be available for traders in certain countries due to regulator reasons.

Throughout all financial markets, XM offers high leverage and low cost trading.

With XM, you can easily diversify your investment portfolio and there are literally unlimited number of profitable opportunities.

Go to XM Official Website and see the list of financial markets available for trading.

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Why invest in FX and CFDs with XM?

XM is built on sound principles of trust, transparency, ethics, and stability.

XM makes certain that they are always in a position to serve the clients to the best of XM’s capabilities under the full supervision of the regulatory authorities in the areas of operation.

Being regulated by these institutions provides a sound framework for XM to practice its transparent business model while fully preserving the rights of all traders.

Why you should choose XM to invest online? Here are some main reasons for online investors.

Financial Strength
XM believes you have to have solid foundations to achieve greatness. With XM’s experience, growth and sound management, they have become a success story with a solid financial backbone that includes reserve capital in excess.
Variety of Financial Markets
Not all traders and investors have the same investment goals or risk appetites which is why XM offers a broad range of financial instruments to choose from, from Spot FX and CFDs to futures and equities.
Optimized Order Execution
XM’s unique partnership with global liquidity providers and the price aggregating technology allow XM’s traders to trade and execute at the best prices in the market.
Regulation and Security of Funds
XM is regulated by a number of financial authorities. Client monies are held in a segregated trust account with top tier banks.
Award Winning FX Broker
XM has received a dozen awards from reputable financial journals and global market expositions.
Multiple Account Types
Are you a trader, an investor, or a little bit of both? XM’s diverse accounts range caters to all investment strategies and activities.
Tailored Brokerage Service
XM provides expert in-house research to inform you on the latest market moves and trends so you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself.
Market Edge
Take full advantage of the powerful trading tools XM places at your fingertips from risk management strategies and tips to market sentiment and volatility gauges. Stay on top of the market at all times.

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Open XM’s Trading Account today

Choosing a reliable broker that can genuinely add value to your investment is by no means an easy task.

It’s for this very reason that XM wants to make this decision easier for you by opening its doors so you can feel what it is like to be part of the large community.

Simply register your details in XM Official Website and XM will give you unlimited access to the Traders’ Tools page, Live Demo account and our wonderful experienced Team for free.

To start trading with XM, you also need to submit 2 types of basic documents to complete the account verification.

For more information about the required documents to open XM’s trading accounts and participate in bonus promotions, visit the page here.

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XM runs various bonus promotions and trading contests for investors.

Visit the page here for the list of XM’s all bonus promotions.