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Who is XBPrime?

XBPrime’s founder, KEY WAY FINANCIAL (PTY) LTD is a dynamic organisation, comprised of many talented individuals across career sectors from Front Office traders and analysts to software developers, business developers, marketing experts and human resources professionals.

Today, XBPrime is busy expanding and diversifying its product and service offerings to reach even more clients and that means even more opportunities in XBPrime’s unique business.

From the outset, XBPrime has focused on developing innovative technology for its clients.

The XBPrime’s trademark platforms have made it a recognised brand in the online trading space and have consistently received awards from the industry’s leading publications.

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Why invest in Forex market with XBPrime?

The currency market surpasses all other markets in volume.

The daily volume of the stock market is about 300 billion US dollars, while the FOREX market generates trillions of dollars a day.

According to approximate calculations this sum varies in the range of 2 to 4 trillion US dollars in 24 hours.

Due to it’s global reach, absolute liquidity and high profitability, this market draws in investors from all over the world.

Thanks to the rapid progress of Internet and new technologies, this form of financial activity, also called internet-trading, enables conducting transactions using the principle of margin trading, which makes this market accessible and attractive for the investor.

It’s important to note, that the investor is personally in control of his or her instruments.

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4 reasons to invest in FX on XBPrime MT5

Here are 4 great merits you can get when investing in Forex market with XBPrime.

  1. Availability through XBPrime MT5
    Possibility to trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, from any location in the world, using the new technologies and the comfortable MetaTrader5 trading terminal.
  2. Deep Liquidity with ECN technology
    Large cash flows circulating in the FOREX market enable to promptly open and close positions at the current valid market price, following market orders of any given instrument and guaranteeing orders of any volume.
  3. Instant execution 24/5
    In conjunction with the round-the-clock working regime of the markets, the participators or traders don’t have to wait to react to events, which have caused the changes in prices in the Forex market and make timely decisions accordingly.
  4. Leverage up to 1:500
    The amount of leverage is agreed upon by the client and the broker firm, enabling the client access to the market and being 1:500 by default. For example, if the client deposits 200 dollars, he or she will be able to perform transactions in the sum of 100 thousand dollars. Using high leverage is what makes this market so profitable and risky at the same time.

How to open XBPrime Account?

XBPrime MT5 offers STP execution with ECN technology

XBPrime offers true STP and ECN environments.

XBPrime aims to respond to the global demands created with the impressive growth of online forex trading.

With XBPrime, transactions are not only secure but speedy as well.

What is STP?

In forex trading, STP or Straight Through Processing refers to the execution of a fully-electronic trading without any manual intervention.

With the orders executed electronically by the XBPrime, consistency and speed of trading is ensured.

STP is usually considered to be synonymous to NDD or No Dealing Desk which essentially refers to a broker who does not employ any manual order-handling method.

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What is ECN?

Considered to be future of the Forex Markets, ECN or Electronic Communication Network can be described as the bridge that links smaller market players to Tier 1 Liquidity Providers via a Forex ECN Broker, XBPrime.

Establishment of such link is accomplished using the FIX Protocol (Financial Information Exchange Protocol), a sophisticated technology set up.

The XBPrime simply makes available their clients liquidity obtained from tier 1 Liquidity providers, which are usually major banks and then delivers the client’s orders to the providers for execution.

XBPrime’s traders can also enjoy instant trading via live streaming and immediate confirmations on best executable prices.

Once the trade has been dealt, XBPrime no longer allows price makers to take a “last look” as all are final and confirmed.

With the absences of a dealing desk, no interventions or re-quotes are possible.

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XBPrime provides MT5 (MetaTrader5) for free

XBPrime’s MetaTrader5 trading terminal is the trader’s workplace and enables Forex, CFD and futures trading.

Using the XBPrime MT5, traders can analyze the dynamics of financial instruments, perform trading operations, receive news about the financial markets of the world, create and use programs for automatic trading (Expert Advisors).

XBPrime MT5 trading terminal is the embodiment of the “all-in-one” concept and the most popular trading terminal in the world.

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Features of the XBPrime MT5 trading terminal
  • Multiple languages
  • Forex trading
  • Futures and CFD trading
  • Market Execution, Instant Execution
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • News feed
  • Confidentiality of the operations
  • Built-in E-mail
  • Alert sounds in case of system- and trading events
  • Wide selection of technical indicators
  • Creation of personal technical indicators
  • Programming language MQL5
  • Modification of expert advisors
  • Unlimited graphs
  • Graph interval support

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XBPrime MT5 apps for Mobile phones

Mobile trading is operating the trading account using mobile devices such as a mobile phone, a smartphone or a pocket PC.

Mobile trading using XBPrime MT5 apps involves analytical functions in addition to complete control over the trading account.

Using mobile terminals is very comfortable in situations where access to a desktop computer is limited or non-existent.

Even during vacation or travelling, you’ll always have up-to-date information on what’s going on in the market and the ability to analyze market events and conduct trading operations on your account.

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1:500 high leverage on XBPrime MT5

On XBPrime MT5, you can trade with up to 1:500 for Forex currency pairs.

Leveraging is referred to the means of using funds wherein a significant percentage of the money was raised either by borrowing instead of by use of capital (individual) or market issue (company).

Essentially, it involves the taking out of a loan and investing the loan proceeds, hoping the investment will yield profit.

Naturally, borrowers will need to pay interest on the loan.

In Foreign Exchange trading, it is possible for a small margin deposit to control a larger total contract value.

With leverage, you will be provided with the opportunity to earn large profits while keeping the risk capital at a minimum.

Invest with XBPrime with high leverage

Merits of high leveraged Forex trading

  • Provides a company or individual a means to access or tap larger capital sums for investment, with the ultimate objective of enjoying profit.
  • Degree of risk are varied, running basic to very sophisticated.
  • Usually dependent on your current financial situation, your goals and even your behavior towards risks.

Demerits of high leveraged Forex trading

  • Risks are always present but should be acceptable since any potentially-profitable endeavor comes with risks.
  • Gains can be better than expected but losses can be worse as well.
  • Changes in the loan interest rates will affect your profit.
  • Likelihood the profit will not be enough to cover the interest on the loan.
  • Requires you to mitigate risks by diversifying investment portfolio, allowing you to guard against huge losses.

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Deposit and Withdrawal for XBPrime MT5

XBPrime has implement an automated system which allows XBPrime traders to fund their trading account easily without any hassle.

There are several options available for XBPrime traders to make a deposit into their trading account.

Unless stated otherwise, clients can make a minimum deposit of $50 USD for any of the deposit options available.

The funding process can be initiated by simply login to the Member’s Area, clicking on the fund account and following the instructions.

Clients can choose the payment method they prefer to fund their account.

You will also be glad to know deposit methods such as VISA, MasterCard, online wallets are supported.

XBPrime Client Portal Login

Fund Withdrawal from XBPrime MT5

Similar to the deposit process, XBPrime offers an automatic withdrawal system which allows its clients to withdraw their money from their trading account to their bank account.

Initiating the withdrawal process is simple.

Just login to the Member’s Area and enter amount wished to be withdrawn or transferred to their personal account.

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XBSocial – MAM and PAMM Social Copy trading

You do not want to personally trade in the market, but still want to profit from the numerous opportunities the forex market offers?

No problem. Have your money professionally managed by XBPrime’s XBSocial on a managed account.

XBSocial offers highly competitive returns and maximum transparency.

You will have access to your account at any time, can track changes in real time and have full 24/7 access to your finances.

Once you have opened a managed XBSocial account with XBPrime, XBPrime will send you your personal access information, after which you will be able to freely deposit and withdraw money from your account.

Worried about security? XBPrime has no direct access to your account.

XBPrime only furnishes trading signals that are executed on your account, and they will enable to you to track all of your account’s activity in real time, anytime.

XBPrime’s sophisticated, multi-year tried-and-tested trading system means you benefit from their success with absolutely no effort or experience in forex trading required.

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Join XBPrime’s free Online Seminars

Free seminars and specialized internet-trading courses conducted by XBPrime’s specialists will help you familiarize yourself with the particularity of the Forex market and other financial markets (futures, precious metals, margin business) and receive more information on those topics.

In addition to that, XBPrime offers an opportunity to test your knowledge by installing the demo version of the MetaTrader5 trading terminal on your computer.

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Trade Forex and CFDs with XBPrime

Trading companies, XBPrime is committed to delivering 100% satisfaction to our customers by fulfilling our mission.

XBPrime’s mission is simple, provide XBPrime’s clients with user-friendly as well as cutting-edge online trading platforms which will allow the clients to enjoy easy and quick access to the various financial markets to trade Forex and Futures.

Accomplishing such mission is only made possible with the support of experienced, client-driven XBPrime team members who uphold the highest standard of Professionalism, Honesty and Equality.

Such excellent service provided by each one of the team members is borne from years of experience working in various financial institutions all over the world.

XBPrime works hard to set high benchmarks in order to not only meet the company goals but also exceed them.

XBPrime strongly believes the only way to enjoy profitability and enjoy positive business result is to earn the customer’s trust and loyalty.

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Open XBPrime Demo (Virtual) account to trade risk-free

If you are a new to Forex, we encourage you to open a demo account, which is designed to allow you to experience FOREX market trading or test new trading techniques without running the risk of losing your money.

Another advantage of opening a Demo Account is to enjoy access to real FOREX trading platform as well as real-time pricing.

Essentially with a Demo Account, you will not be worried much about making a mistake compared to a Live Account which requires a funded portfolio.

Any mistake you will make will actually be a lesson you will have to avoid in the future.

Opening a Demo Account with XBPrime is a common practice among new and seasoned forex traders especially since it will also allow them to test out the platform and see if it is up to their expectations and standards.

With a new broker, a forex trader can also take advantage of the perks which come with the Demo Account.