LMFX is running 4 different trading/predicting prices contests.

All of them are available at the same time, and you can join all these contests.

But please note that not one of the rewards for the winners of the contests are available for withdrawal. These rewarded funds are only available for trading.

Withdrawal of Contest rewards

All the contest rewards are available for trading but not withdrawals.

In case you like to withdraw profits generated on the rewarded amount, you are entitles to withdraw only the profit amount then the rewarded amount will be nullified by LMFX.

Also you need to close all the positions before making withdrawals.

Even if you are not allowed to withdraw the rewarded amount itself, it is still free money you have earned and you are always welcome to join the contests at anytime.
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4 kind of contests by LMFX

LMFX is running 4 different contests and all of them are available for entry at the same time.

Crystal Ball Contests

LMFX crystal ball contest predict and win

This contest is available without even trading Forex or CFDs.

All you need to do is guessing the price of the specified symbol for a week later.

There is no risk of losing your funds and the contest is run every week.

The contest prize is 1,000 USD which is available only for trading.

Demo Trading Contest

lmfx learn and earn demo mt4 metatrader4 trading contest competition cash prize

Well if you are still learning how to trade Forex, you may want to join the Demo Trading Contest, where there is no risks of losing real funds.

You can learn how to trade and earn the prize if you were profitable.

The contest reward is 1,000 USD as the first prize, 500 USD for the second and 250 USD for the third.

The contest prizes are not withdrawable but only for trading.

Real/Live Trading Contest

lmfx live trading contest ultimate traders mt4 metatrader4

If you are confident of making profits and actually managing your funds with your real money, let’s go for the extra reward with this contest.

LMFX will reward 1000 USD for the most profitable trader of the month and 10 profitable traders will be rewarded with “LMFX Top Traders Point”.

And the trader who has acquired the largest number of “LMFX Top Traders Point” will be rewarded with 100,000 USD.

This 100,000 USD is rewarded to the best trader of the year so he/she can manage the funds and share the profit with LMFX. The trader can earn 20% as success fees on a high water mark basis.

Both rewards are not available for withdrawal.

PAMM Masters Contest

This contest is for Money Managers who own a PAMM account with LMFX.

It is free to join for this contest or being a Money Manager of LMFX, so if you are confident of making profits on trading, this may be a good opportunity for you start managing funds.

The top reward is 500 USD and all 10 top Money Managers will be rewarded every month.

The rewarded amount is not available for withdrawal.

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Withdrawable bonus and contests

None of the contest rewards are available for withdrawal.

There are only 2 bonus promotion which are available for withdrawal without conditions.

1. 15% Phoenix Bonus(Recovery Bonus)

This bonus is provided to traders after his/her accounts reach stop out level.

Then the 15% of the first deposit amount(not the second) will be credited into your account after all criteria is met.

The bonus amount is available for withdrawal as anytime.

2. $20 Phone Verification Bonus

This bonus will be credited by trading 3 lots after verifying your phone number with LMFX.

The bonus amount is available for withdrawal at anytime after receiving the bonus, and there is almost no other conditions regarding to this promotion.