FXPro offers Market execution and Instant execution

The execution of an order is an important stage in foreign exchange trading.

In simple terms, order execution is the price at which you buy/sell a specific currency.

There are two types of execution: market and instant.

In the first type, you clearly inform the broker that you will buy at any current available price.

In the second type, you will only buy at a specific or more favorable price.

Let us understand these types in more detail.

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Market and Instant Execution: What is the difference between them?

Instant execution is an order execution method in which an order will be executed at a specified price or will not be executed due to drastic price changes during the order placement period.

Orders will not be opened/closed without reaching a specific price agreed by the trader.

In other words, there may be re-quotes.

For novice traders who think the exact execution details are very important, they usually tend to use this type of execution.

Market execution is different from immediate execution.

It is faster and its characteristic is to guarantee the completion of order execution.

In any case, the order will be opened at the current market price.

It is worth noting that prices may fall during periods of huge market volatility.

In other words, the order will be executed at the new price.

The market price may be lower or higher than the specified price.

However, traders always have the opportunity to close orders and gain profit.

Traders who prioritize position opening can choose market execution.

To understand the working principle of each method more clearly, let us use the following example to understand the mechanism of order execution: A trader who wants to buy EUR/USD (EUR/USD) opens a position to buy.

During the process, the price may change-down or up.

In immediate execution, the broker will issue a requote (repetitive request) with a new quotation.

The trader will decide whether he wants to buy the currency at this price.

In market execution, the transaction will be executed immediately at the changed price without the need for confirmation by the trader.

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FXPro provides its customers with market execution of orders, making the transaction process easier and more convenient.

This type of execution allows the trader to control the transaction and make immediate decisions.

In situations where every second is of the utmost importance and delays can cause major losses, a slight increase in speed will be invaluable.

All the advantages of market execution can be understood in this comparison list:

Instant execution:

  • The execution of the order takes 3-5 seconds
  • give a new price
  • Execution depends on the market
  • Enter the market through a dealer
  • Prices provided by the broker
  • No chance to open an order at a higher price
  • Trading strategies (tap reselling, hedging, news trading, intelligent trading system) are limited

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Market execution:

  • The execution of the order is less than one second
  • No requotes
  • Guaranteed execution
  • Go directly to the market
  • Offer prices directly from the market
  • Have the opportunity to open an order at a higher price
  • There are no restrictions on trading strategies (tap reselling, hedging, news trading, intelligent trading system)

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