Everyone is talking about passive income, but what does it actually mean?

To cut a long story short, passive income means you keep getting money after your work is done.

Obviously, it doesn’t happen magically – you need to get some job done first.

In a long run, passive income gives you freedom and a financial ‘airbag’ to protect you in case things go wrong with your primary source of income.

Here are the most popular passive income options:

1. Real estate

You can buy and rent it or try to flip houses if you have enough money.

Otherwise, you can go for an investment trust or crowdfunded real estate.

2. Online business

If you know how to do something, you can start a blog and monetize it.

It’s also a good idea to enroll in some partnership program and make money by attracting people to the chosen company.

Using a blog can help you with promotion big time.

3. Investing

The best thing about it is that you can start small and grow big in no time.

Stocks, currencies, metals, cryptos – choose an asset and make your money work!

There are several options that require little or no upfront work, such as social trading and trading with robots.

List of Online Forex Brokers

You can have more than one source of passive income – the more you have the more financial freedom you get.

What are your favorite passive income ideas?

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