What is FXTM Invest for copy trading?

FXTM Invest is a groundbreaking copy trading program. This program was developed by the FXTM R&D department. Opportunities FXTM Invest offers to include:

  • Investors can receive a portion of their profits by following the strategy that suits them.
  • A strategy manager can generate revenue for investors and take a portion (%) of that revenue to generate side income.

Investors can follow the strategy of a trader (strategy manager) that suits them and earn profits according to the strategy manager’s overall return performance. You can become an investor if you have little or no forex trading knowledge and experience, or if you don’t have the time to trade on your own.

The strategy manager shares the trading position with the investor and can take up to 40% of the return generated by the investor.

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Start from only 100 USD on FXTM Invest

The minimum deposits required to participate in FXTM Invest are:

  • ECN Zero Strategy Manager: 200 USD/EUR/GBP
  • ECN MT4 Strategy Manager: 500 USD/EUR/GBP
  • Investor: 100 USD/EUR/GBP

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Check out the top signal providers easily

On the Strategy Manager Ranking Page, you can check all currently active strategy managers, manager stats, and rankings by total return.

Strategy managers are ranked based on their career returns minus their profit share and the following criteria:

  • Risk
  • Maximum ups and downs (%)
  • Number of open days
  • Monthly rate of return

Leaderboards are updated every hour. You can select a strategy manager from the leaderboards to see his or her return performance, and this information is updated daily.

Try FXTM Invest Copy Trading

No limit set to your profit

There is no limit to the amount of revenue you can receive with FXTM Invest. However, trading is a high-risk investment and returns are not always guaranteed.

The revenue share (%) is the percentage of profit (0% – 40%) that the strategy manager takes as an operating fee when a profit is made.

For the latest updates, you can follow the strategic news, a post written by a strategy manager to explain a trading strategy or trading schedule to investors.

This news allows investors to be transparent about the strategy manager’s trading style and progress. Posts will appear in the ‘News’ tab on the Strategy Manager page.

Or read the strategy introduction, a summary in which the strategy manager explains his trading style and trading goals in an easy-to-understand manner for investors.

If your strategy manager provides a strategy introduction, it will appear on the strategy manager overview page.

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