What is Deriv MT5 (DMT5)?

Deriv MT5 (DMT5) gives you access to multiple asset classes — forex, stocks, stock indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and synthetic indices — on a single platform. With exclusive access to innovative trade types, Deriv brings the MT5 experience to a superior level for both new and experienced traders on Deriv’s platform.

Quick demo account sign-up
Practise with a demo account preloaded with unlimited virtual funds.
Multiple assets on a single platform
Trade forex, synthetic indices, stocks, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies in one place.
24/7 trading
Trade round-the-clock, even on weekends, with Deriv’s proprietary synthetic indices.
Licensed and regulated
Trade with a regulated industry pioneer trusted by traders for more than 20 years.

The necessary condition to start trading is to have a trading platform. The trading platform (trading terminal) is a set of software and hardware suitable for online trading, allowing brokers and traders to interact.

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Follow the simple 4 steps to access Deriv MT5 (DMT5) today.

  1. Create or sign in to your Deriv account
  2. Create a Deriv real account.
  3. Create a CFDs real account based on your trade preference.
  4. Fund your account. Start trading on the mobile app, desktop app, or web browser.

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What is a trading platform?

In other words, the trading platform installs software on the trader’s computer for online trading. Some platforms can be operated through a browser without the need to install on a computer. However, most trading platforms need to be installed on the equipment (personal computer) used for trading. The trading platform also provides a mobile version that can be used on PDAs, smart phones and other mobile devices.

Currently, there are many different trading platforms, but the most popular one is MetaTrader 5 developed by MetaQuotes Software Company.

When opening a real account or a simulated account, the broker will provide a trading platform for free. Brokers will provide customers with their own software or purchased licensed products.

The trading platform has several important functions:

  • The trading platform can display market trends, that is, it can provide quotation information in real-time mode. This systematic classification information will be displayed in the form of graphs. You can select the time interval on which the classification is based. This time interval is called the timeline. For example, if you select a 30-minute timeline, (according to the selected chart) the bars or candles in the chart will correspond to the 30-minute timeline.
  • The trading platform can conveniently allow traders to trade through market orders and pending orders at any time (except weekends or statutory holidays), manage positions, and monitor the situation of the trading account.
  • The platform has tools that can perform technical analysis-thanks to built-in indicators-that can automate trading (using an intelligent trading system based on pre-written algorithms and capable of performing trading operations without the participation of traders).
  • The trading platform provides a variety of tools that can make the trading process easier. These tools include: real-time news from major information agencies, alerts indicating important system and trading activities, account history, creation of trading reports, etc.

Currently, there are many different trading platforms, but the most popular one is MetaTrader 5 developed by MetaQuotes Software Company. To learn more about the features of MetaTrader 5, please visit this page.

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