UK Prime Minister Facing No Confidence Vote

In the early morning of Wednesday, December 12, 2018, the UK parliament triggered a vote of no confidence against UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

If May successfully wins the leadership contest, expect the pound to soar.

If she loses it, she’ll be ousted from the Tory party and replaced by a credible candidate from the same party.

This may yet drag on for the next few days until someone decides to take up the challenge.

The vote is scheduled to start on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, at 20:00 MT4 time (GMT +2) and might drag on until 22:00 MT4 time (GMT +2).

The outcome is very uncertain, which could prompt an increase in volatility and wide ranges across many of our offered traded products.

As part of FBS’s responsibility towards its clients, a margin increase could take place in the event the risk specialists see signs of potential adverse market conditions.

FBS’s will endeavor to provide clients as much notice as possible before making margin changes with the ultimate goal of protecting them from adverse and il-liquid market conditions as well as the possibility of gaps.

We also advises its clients to maintain reasonable margin levels and enough equity in their accounts while reducing large exposures on any traded instrument.

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