FBS Increases Leverage on Index and Energy to 1:200

Indices and energy trading will be more profitable with the high leverage offered by FBS.

Previously, traders at FBS traded indices and energies with a leverage of 1:30. Now, traders can try to increase profits with 1:200 leverage for the following instruments:

  • JP225
  • US100
  • US30
  • US500
  • AU200
  • EU50
  • FR40
  • HK50
  • UK100
  • DE30
  • ES35

Trade with 1:200 Leverage

Indices and energy trading are easy to analyze and therefore profitable. You can apply technical and fundamental analysis as well as your favorite strategies for trading indices and energies. Moreover, this instrument reflects the health of the economy, and its price will grow along with the economy and vice versa.

In the long term, the index tends to rise. However, traders can buy and sell indices and profit from rising and falling price movements. Another advantage of index trading is the lower risk because you are trading a diversified portfolio, not a single company.

At FBS, energy trading includes natural gas as well as Brent and WTI crudes. The price of this product is very volatile and provides an opportunity to get profit quickly.

Leverage allows traders to use borrowed funds to increase trading positions regardless of the funds available in their account. So, leverage allows trading of higher volumes without large deposits. Now, you can trade energy and indices with 1:200 leverage.

Trade your favorite instruments well while FBS improves your trading conditions.

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