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  • Top-3 currencies that could have made you rich
  • Shock-predictions for 2019: who knows what can happen
  • Getting familiar with stock trading: what’s it all about?

Top 3 Most Profitable Currency Pairs 2018

These pairs could’ve made you rich this year.

Top 3 Most Profitable Currency Pairs 2018

2018 is close to its end, so now is just the right time to sum up the whole year.

Exotic currencies are famous for their love for rapid ups and downs, and sometimes are a way to scoop a great profit.

Check out a survey of top-3 exotic currencies that could’ve been your golden mine in 2018!

What’s in the Top 3?

Weekly Economic Calendar

Weekly Economic Calendar FBS

  1. Dec 19, 21:00 MT time – FOMC Statement
    • Rate hike and hawkish tone of the Fed will boost the USD.
  2. Dec 20, Tentative – BOJ Meeting
    • Encouraging comments from the central bank will push the JPY up.
  3. Dec 20, 14:00 MT time – BOE Meeting
    • Optimistic mood of the central bank will support the GBP.

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Shocking Predictions on 2019


Every year, Saxo Bank publishes a list of “Black Swans” (highly improbable events that can have a dramatic impact in case they actually happen).

These predictions attract investors’ attention all over the world and help them think outside the box when planning their strategies.

For example, in 2018 prediction Saxo Bank foresaw the fall of Bitcoin.

Check out what outrageous economic and political events 2019 may bring.

Get prepared for 2019!


FRESH ANALYTICS - Tips from FBS expert

This week will be highlighted by two US events.

The first one is the FOMC rate statement. Although the market anticipates a rate hike, the confidence is not as high as usual.

Moreover, the tone of the central bank will affect the USD a lot.

Another important event is an agreement between Mr. Trump and the government.

Over the past few weeks, the US president has been threatening to shut down the government in order to gain funding for his infamous US-Mexico border wall.

President Trump will have to reach an agreement with lawmakers by Friday, Dec. 21 to keep the government open.

If the agreement fails, risky assets will plunge and the USD will be under pressure as well.

Getting to know the Stock Market


Forex market has a wide variety of instruments to trade: currencies, oil, metals – and stocks.

Stocks are getting more and more popular, and we have some good news ahead to announce, stay tuned!

And while we wait for the news, let’s find out more about stock trading: what are the advantages and disadvantages or it?

How to get the most out of stock trading? Find out in the article!

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Market Work-time for Holidays


Please note that there will be changes in trading hours due to upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday season.

Check out the market working hours (MT time) and plan your trading sessions according to the schedule.

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