The Most Solid Investment Opportunities Of 2019

The year 2019 is almost there, which means it’s time to look back and come up with some new great investment ideas.

So, what use of your money will be the smartest in the upcoming year?

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Idea #1. Forex.

Currency exchange will be a powerful and active marketplace as long as there are currencies, so Forex trading is a good way to boost your funds.

The best thing about Forex trading is that it’s open for literally anyone – even if you have just $1 and zero experience.

Idea #2. Real Estate.

If you have a good amount of money you’re ready to invest and looking for the safest possible option, real estate is a way to go.

Aside from standard houses, experts recommend to invest in bigger real estate deals (both residential and commercial) along with other people, and in rental property.

You can also try flipping houses (buy a cheap and shabby place, do quick and cost-effective reparation job, and sell it at a much higher price) – this option might be risky but very rewarding.

Idea #3. You.

Indeed, you can’t lose when you invest in yourself.

It can be education, healthcare, coaching, or anything that you think you lack at the moment.

Of course, education is the easiest thing to monetize, but you can choose anything – whatever you feel is right.

Idea #4. Others.

This is the most 2019-ish option on the list.

Peer-to-peer lending is very popular way to make your money work by sponsoring other people’s ideas.

Basically, investors in this system act like a bank: you can make a deposit and split it among numerous newborn businesses.

Thus, you don’t risk all your money by investing in a single start-up.

Your rate of return on peer-to-peer lending platforms may go up to 6-7%, which can eventually be very rewarding.

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Invest in the direction of the trend

It is said that that the most profitable trades are made following the trend.

As the saying goes

“the trend is your friend until the trend ends”.

Trading with the trend does sound like the ideal way approaching the markets and is in line with the simple approach of the KISS philosophy.

However, in practice, trend trading can be dangerous if a trader does not allow for the broader dynamics of the market.

Although one may notice a strong uptrend on the 1-hour time frame, a buy entry could end in a loss of equity if one trades into overhead resistance that can be found on, for instance, the daily or weekly time frames.

However, through an application of trend identification and multiple time frame analysis, a trader is equipped with the bigger picture and is, therefore, better able to discern if a trading opportunity should be taken or ignored.

Be flexible when choosing a time horizon

A firm understanding of multiple time frame analysis not only helps a trader filter out a signal of the selected period that they trade but also opens up trading opportunities on other time frames.

Having a good idea of the bigger picture is essential for the most precious commodity that trader has invested which is their own time is not wasted.

Not all times are created equal

Trading volatility and trading volumes vary throughout a day.

This is very obvious in the Forex market where the greatest activity occurs during the open of the London session and at times of the significant US and Eurozone data releases.

Far East session volatility and volumes, on the whole, are much lower than what is seen during the London and New York sessions.

Therefore, trying to apply a standardized trading plan across all time, frames will probably not work very well if at all.

During the London session, the use of breakout trend-based strategies is popular whereas during the Far East session it might be more rewarding to trade range bound strategies.

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