In order to choose your broker, the bonus promotions can be one thing you may want to consider.

There are some types of promotions such as:

  1. No Deposit Bonus
  2. Deposit Bonus
  3. Trading
  4. Real/live Trading Contest
  5. Demo Trading Contest

Here I will list up one of the most popular bonus “100% Deposit Bonus” and its conditions.

What is 100% Deposit Bonus?

By using a “100% Deposit Bonus”, you can double up your deposit in a second.

For example, if you deposit 1000 dollars, you will have 2000 dollars available in your trading account.

Doubling up the available balance in your trading account means double the leverage and double the opportunities.

It is surely one of the luxurious bonus though, there are always conditions to promotions.

Here, I will list up 5 online Forex brokers in a ranking style with its general conditions.

1. FBS

FBS official website main page

FBS is regulated by IFSC in Belize and CRFIN in Russia, which has succeeded to acquire 1,200,000 real/live account opened in only 7 years of service.

FBS offers the highest leverage in the world which is 1:3000.

FBS might be the most stable broker with enormously gorgeous promotions in the world.

The main conditions of the “FBS 100% Deposit Bonus” is as below.

100% Deposit Bonus maximum amount$20,000
Withdrawal Conditions for the bonus amount1 standard lot for $3

*One thing you need to be aware of is that if you apply for this bonus promotions, he maximum leverage in your trading account will be limited to 1:500.

Go to FBS Official Website

2. XM official website main page

XM is a CySEC regulated broker with 1:888 leverage.

The broker has opened more than 500,000 real/live accounts in the past 7 years.

Not so many gorgeous promotions are run by XM though, the broker offers 100% Deposit Bonus and the main conditions are as below.

100% Deposit Bonus maximum amount$500
Withdrawal Conditions for the bonus amountNot Available

If you deposit more than 500 dollars, you can receive 20% Bonus for the exceeded amount from XM.

*One demerit of the 100% Deposit Bonus would be, this is available for Standard and Micro account only, but not for the XM Zero account where you can trade with average spread from 0.6 pips(including all extra commissions).

Go to XM Official Website

3. FxGlobe

fxglobe official website main page

FxGlobe is a broker which is actively promoting in Europe and also other countries.

The founder of this broker used to be(or maybe also now) a Money Manager and he has made the broker favorable for licensed Money Managers.

If you are a Money Manager, FxGlobe is one broker which is worth contacting for more details.

The main conditions of the 100% Deposit Bonus is as below.

100% Deposit Bonus maximum amount$5000
Withdrawal Conditions for the bonus amountRequired lots = Bonus amount / 5

Please note that if you have not traded the required trading lots before making withdrawal, 50% of your profit will be taken by FxGlobe.

If you are looking to trade with FxGlobe longer, the conditions wouldn’t bad for you.

Go to FxGlobe Official Website

4. iForex

iforex official website main page

iForex has been active for over 20 years as a broker and regulated by CySEC.

The broker offers its advanced trading platform called “FxNetTrader” which is even easier and simple in terms of usability.

iForex has got one of the oldest history as a broker.

The main conditions of the 100% Deposit Bonus is as below.

100% Deposit Bonus maximum amount$1000
Withdrawal Conditions for the bonus amountNot available for Withdrawal

Please note that iForex does not allow certain trading methods such as:

  • Scalping
  • EAs
  • Algorithm Tradings
  • API
  • Arbitrage

If your main trading methods are not categorized as above, iForex may be the better choice for you.

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5. MXTrade

mxtrade official website main page

MXTrade is a broker regulated in Belize, IFSC.

The broker had some regulatory issues in some countries though, so far the broker is not working in bad faith.

Please note that MXTrade does not allow Scalping(within 5 minutes), EAs and arbitrage tradings. If you are going to trade with MXTrade please confirm more details by contacting the customer service.

The main conditions of the MXTrade’s 100% Deposit Bonus is as follows:

100% Deposit Bonus maximum amountContact MXTrade
Withdrawal Conditions for the bonus amountRequired lots = Bonus amount / 10

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