Swiss Franc (CHF) Margin Change to 3%

The Swiss National Bank continues to maintain a peg in the CHF exchange rates.

Recently we have become concerned that the Swiss National Bank may not be able to maintain this peg and we have already seen many of our underlying liquidity providers start to increase margin rates on CHF trades.

The last time the Swiss National Bank removed the peg in CHF rates it resulted in extreme volatility in CHF and even caused several brokers to go out of business.

ForexVox is committed above all else to the stability of our business and trading environment so in order to ensure our clients have a suitable margin buffer against potential volatile movements in CHF please be advised that from 22:00 GMT on Sunday 17th October 2021, the margin requirements on our CHF FX Symbols margins will be increased accordingly within the following leverage groups: 100x = 3% (30:1) 200x = 3% (30:1) 500x = 3% (30:1) some Minor and Exotic CHF Symbols will have higher margin requirements.

For full details, please go the margin rates in ForexVox’s Client Area.

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