XM's All Bonus Promotions. Table of Contents

XM’s All Bonus Promotions

XM is running various bonus promotions that you can participate in for free.

Here is a summary of XM’s all bonus promotions.

$30 Trading Bonus
You can get equivalent to USD 30, GBP 20, CHF 25, JPY 3000, AUD 30, RUB 1000, PLN 100, HUF 7000, SGD 40, or ZAR 347. No deposit required and is automatically credited to your account. It is a Non-withdrawable bonus but all profits obtained can be withdrawn.
By making a deposit to your live trading account of XM, you can get a bonus of up to $5,000.
Loyalty Program
With so many perks and incentives, you might think XM couldn’t be more generous anymore, but you are wrong. In addition to all bonuses and perks, at certain times of the year, XM offers special seasonal bonuses marking certain events and occasions that will be available for limited periods of time. In addition, XM will also offer highly exclusive bonuses that will be available by invitation only.
Free VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Get the most out of your operations with XM’s free VPS. XM’s free VPS will eliminate downtime and increase the speed of your operations. The service is ideal for EAs and is accessible from anywhere in the world.
Zero commissions on deposits and withdrawals
XM covers transfer fees for all e-wallets and all major credit cards, For Bank transfers over 200 USD, the fee is also covered.
Refer a friend program
Are you proud to be an XM customer? Would you like to publicize XM? Invite your friends to trade with XM and earn up to $35 for each person you refer.

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$30 No Deposit Bonus

XM $30 No Deposit Trading Bonus

The amount of the bonus is equivalent to USD 30, GBP 20, CHF 25, JPY 3000, AUD 30, RUB 1000, PLN 100, HUF 7000, SGD 40, or ZAR 347.

XM offers its clients multiple trading benefits to stay at XM, starting with a $30 trading bonus.

In other words, XM gives you $30 credit (non-withdrawable) just for opening your first real account, allowing you to test XM’s products and services to get started with no initial deposit.

  • No deposit required
  • All profits obtained can be withdrawn
  • Automatically credited to your account
  • Available to new customers

The $30 trading bonus allows traders to test the quality of XM’s execution in a real trading environment with no investment risk. When you request your bonus, the amount will be credited to your account immediately for you to use for trading. The profits obtained can be withdrawn at any time; however, withdrawals of funds will result in a proportional withdrawal of your trading bonus.

Get XM’s $30 No Deposit Bonus

How to get XM’s No Deposit Bonus?

To claim the Bonus, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Open a Real Account;
  2. Access the User Area using the credentials that were sent to you by email;
  3. Provide the relevant identification documents to validate your account (if you have not already done so);
  4. Click the button to Claim your Bonus;
  5. Complete the voice verification process by following the instructions on the screen.

This promotion is available to all operators who open an XM Real Account for the first time.

However, in some regions, an alternative promotion may prevail.

There is a 30 day limit from the date you open your account to claim the bonus before it is no longer available.

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What you should know about XM’s No Deposit Bonus

If XM suspects that a customer has abused or attempted to abuse the promotion, or has acted otherwise in the absence of good faith towards them, XM reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny, withhold or withdraw the bonus promotion from trading of said user, and if necessary, cancel the terms and conditions with respect to that user, either temporarily or permanently, or terminate access to the service by the user and/or block the trading account of said user.

Furthermore, if XM suspects that a client has abused the fair rules of trading bonuses by hedging his positions internally (using another trading account he has with XM) or externally (using another trading account he has with other brokers), XM reserves the right to immediately reverse the trading bonus from the client’s account (s), or the covered account, without the client’s consent.

XM reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Bonds at any time, notifying clients of the changes and posting the changes on this page or on any other page related to this website.

Any dispute or possible misunderstanding that may occur as a result of these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by XM Management in a way that represents the fairest solution for all parties involved.

Once this decision has been made, it must be considered final and/or binding on all participants.

In the event that the Terms and Conditions of the Bonds are translated into languages ​​other than English, the English version shall prevail to avoid inconsistencies and ambiguities.

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

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50% and 20% Deposit Bonuses

XM 50% + 20% Deposit Bonus

XM is now offering a level two bonus on your deposit, which combines to give you a hefty $5,000 to complete your invested amount, giving you the ability to start trading with more capital.

  • Instant credit on your deposit;
  • Applied to deposits from only $ 5;
  • Available for MT4 and MT5 accounts;
  • Non-withdrawable bonus.
*XM Ultra-Low accounts are not eligible to receive deposit bonuses.

Get XM’s Deposit Bonuses

How to get XM’s Deposit Bonuses?

The Deposit Bonus is a two-tier bonus offering 50% up to $ 500 and 20% up to a maximum combined bonus amount of $ 5,000, or equivalent currency.

Profits can be withdrawn at any time, however, any withdrawal of funds will result in the proportional removal of your trading bonus.

This bonus is automatically available to all customers who fund their accounts until the maximum bonus amount of $ 5,000 has been received.

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

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Loyalty Program

XM's official Cash Back program for loyal traders.

Trading with a real XM account provides you with the ability to earn credit bonuses by converting the XM points that are awarded on each lot you trade.

Additionally, XM also offers you temporary trading bonuses that will be available for very limited periods of time, and very exclusive trading bonuses that are only available upon invitation.

All real account clients start at the Executive level and are automatically upgraded with trading activity.

With each loyalty status upgrade, the amount of XMP (XM Points) you earn per lot traded increases proportionally.

This allows you to earn XMP faster. The more XMP you have, the more you can redeem for credit bonuses.

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What are XM Points and How to get them?

The XM Loyalty Program offers you the ability to earn XM Points (XMP) as you trade, with a rate of XMP per trade increasing with each increase in the Loyalty level.

There are four levels of Loyalty in total: Executive, Gold, Diamond, and Elite.

XM Points are earned on each single standard purchase lot traded.

The amount of XMP earned per trade depends on your loyalty status, starting at 7XMP / lot for Executive level clients and reaching double at 16XMP / lot for Elite level clients.

Trade and earn XM Points that you can redeem for credit bonuses.

You do not need to fill out any forms nor do you have to register to participate; as soon as you start trading, you will start to earn points.

As you trade, you will earn XMP that can be exchanged at any time for credit bonuses from the user area.

In the user area, you can also monitor your XMP balance at any time, including the equivalent value of your XMP as credit bonuses.

The bonus adds funds to your trading account and is intended exclusively for trading.

Below you can see the specific formulas used to calculate the equivalent value of your XMP in credit bonds.

Find out more about XM’s Loyalty Program

4 Loyalty Statuses

xm global loyalty program

All clients start at the Executive level with the ability to periodically upgrade to higher levels, each with its own benefits.

After 30 days of actively trading, you will earn your first loyalty status upgrade to Gold, allowing you to earn XMP at a higher rate of 10XMP per lot.

After a total of 60 days, you will level back up to Diamond level at a rate of 13XMP per batch.

Elite status is only achieved after a total of 100 days in operation, offering you a rate of 16XMP per batch, double the original Executive level.

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How XMP can be used for extra Bonuses?

XM points can be redeemed as credit bonuses to be used for trading.

You can redeem your XM points at any time without restrictions. You can redeem all of your XM points, or even some of them.

You can check your XMP balance in real-time in the User Area, where you can also see the equivalent value as a credit bonus.

No Deposit / No Deposit = XMP ÷ 3 = XMP Bonus

Imagine, for example, that you have a current balance of 10,000 XM points.

You decide to redeem 3,000 XMP as credit bonds.

Using the tool to redeem credit vouchers in the User Area, the amount will be automatically converted by providing you with 1,000 USD as credit vouchers, leaving you with a new available balance of 7,000 XM points to redeem later.

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Refer a Friend Program

Recommend to more, earn more.

XM’s Refer a Friend program is structured so that the more people you invite, the more you can earn for each cash referral.

Here how it works.

  1. Access the Users Area and go to the Recommend a friend console;
  2. Share your unique URL or invite your friends by email;
  3. Earn money for every friend who opens an XM account and trades 3 standard lot;
  4. Watch your progress and withdraw the winnings from your console.

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Who can participate in Refer a Friend Program?

XM’s Refer a Friend program is open to all new and existing customers.

To participate in the program as a recommender, you must first have a validated XM live account and have traded 3 standards lots with forex, gold, or silver.

Customers who meet the conditions can access their User Area and, from the Recommend a friend console, start inviting their friends.

Before you start recommending to friends, you must first have a real XM trading account and have traded 3 standard lot / s *.

Once you meet the requirements, you can access your User Area and go to the Recommend a friend console.

There you will have a unique referral URL that you can use to start inviting your friends by email or by sharing that URL.

For each cash referral (ie “referral”) you will get a certain withdrawable cash reward.

An effective referral (i.e. a referral) is a person who has used their URL to open, validate and fund their live trading account and has traded 3 standards lots with forex, gold, or silver using their own funds.

The amount that you will get per recommended varies as follows:

  • $ 25 per friend, if you have referred 1-15 friends;
  • $ 30 per friend, if you have referred 16-30 friends;
  • $ 35 per friend, if you have referred 30+ friends.

All the money you earn as a recommender through the program can be withdrawn from your trading account.

Effective referrals will receive $ 50 as a credit to their trading accounts after meeting the indicated criteria.

They will then be eligible to join the program as referrers and will be able to invite their friends to join XM.

The XM Recommend a Friend program was created to reward customer loyalty for raising awareness of XM.

Therefore, there are no limits on the number of friends you can invite.

However, you should note that you will only get rewards from friends who complete the stated requirements.

Join XM’s refer a friend program

Withdrawal Condition of the Bonus

Any rewards earned with the XM Refer-a-Friend program will automatically be credited to your “MyWallet.”

To withdraw your bonuses, go to the “MyWallet” console from the User Area.

There you can see your total balance and select how much you want to withdraw and/or transfer to your trading account (s).

When transferring funds to an XM trading account, MyWallet is considered another payment method.

You will continue to be eligible to receive deposit bonuses under the terms of the XM bonus program.

For further information please click here.

When the funds appear in the selected trading account, you can withdraw them following the standard procedure.

Conversion fees will apply if your account’s base currency is not the United States dollar (USD).

* Please note that the number of lots varies by region.

Shares customers must first have a funded, validated XM Shares account and must have traded $ 5,000 in trade value in order to participate in the program.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Free VPS (Virtual Private Server)

xm free vps promotion

The XM VPS will allow you to remotely connect to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) located just 1.5 km from XM’s data center in London, with a fiber-optic connection.

By taking advantage of this service, you can get the most out of XM’s unmatched performance, without having to worry about other factors that may hinder your ability to operate effectively, such as internet connection speed, computer failure, or power outages.

Get the most out of XM and your EAs:

  • Increase the speed of your operations;
  • Enjoy fiber optic connectivity;
  • Accessible from anywhere;
  • Online 24/7;
  • Ideal for Expert Advisors;
  • Advanced technology hardware.

Using the XM VPS, your Expert Advisors can work non-stop without you having to supervise them and even without having to turn on your computer.

The XM VPS service will provide you with access to a Windows 2012 server with 1.5 GB of RAM, 20 GB of hard disk and a dedicated 600 MHz CPU.

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Who can request XM’s Free VPS?

Clients who maintain a minimum amount of 5000 USD (Capital – Credit), or equivalent in other currencies, are eligible to request a free VPS in the User Area at any time, on the condition that they trade at least 5 complete lots or 500 complete micro-lots per month.

In order to qualify for a free VPS, XM also takes into consideration any other trading account registered using the same email address.

Customers who do not meet the above requirements can request an XM VPS from the user area at a price of 28 USD per month, which will be automatically deducted from their MT4 / MT5 account on the first day of each month.

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How to connect to XM’s VPS

Step 1 – Set up “Remote Desktop Connection”

Click the Start button and type “Remote Desktop Connection” in the box.

Once you see the result, click on the option for remote desktop connection.

Click the Start button and type Remote Desktop Connection in the box. Once you see the result, click on the option for remote desktop connection.

Step 2 – Search the IP Address

From the Remote Desktop Connection window, simply type in the IP address of the XM VPS provided and click the “Connect” button.

From the Remote Desktop Connection window, simply type in the IP address of the XM VPS provided and click the Connect button.

Step 3 – Enter VPS login

To connect to the XM VPS, simply enter your VPS login username and password.

To connect to the XM VPS, simply enter your VPS login username and password.

Step 4 – Confirm the security prompt

When connecting for the first time, you may receive a security prompt in which you will have to confirm that you want to connect despite any standard warnings.

When connecting for the first time, you may receive a security prompt in which you will have to confirm that you want to connect despite any standard warnings

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Zero Fees on Fund Deposits and Withdrawals

XM covers all deposit transfer and withdrawal fees for payments made through Neteller, Moneybookers, and all major credit cards (including VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, and China UnionPay).

Additionally, all deposits and withdrawals over 200 USD processed by Bank Transfer are also included in XM’s policy of no fees.

  • Zero fees on credit card / e-wallet deposits and withdrawals;
  • Zero fees on deposits / withdrawals by bank transfer over 200 USD or equivalent currency;
  • Instant deposit for all credit cards / e-wallets;
  • Instant payment of bonuses;
  • No hidden fees.

All of XM’s electronic deposit methods including credit cards and e-wallets are processed 100% automatically and funds are reflected in customer accounts automatically.

If you don’t have an XM trading account yet, you can make it eligible for the bonus in two easy steps.

List of XM’s all Bonus Promotions and Trading Contests