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Before we get into more details of FBS’s Loyalty Program, here is an story that inspires you.

Story of a Millionaire: Coca-Cola Share from $40 to $10,000,000

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One $40 Share Bought In 1919 Would Cost $10,000,000 Today

The Story Of The City Of Secret Millionaires

During the Great Depression of 1920-1930s, a banker Pat Munroe from in the small town of Quincy, Florida noticed that people would still buy Coca-Cola – even though their financial situation was bad.

“Mr. Pat” noticed that the company has good returns on capital and looks very promising, and convinced everyone he knew to invest in Coca-Cola shares – about 67 people in total.

His prognosis was correct, and soon people started getting dividends.

It helped them overcome the tough time of the Great Depression, and a tiny city of Quincy stayed the richest town per capita in the entire United States even when the national economy collapsed.

Back then, 1 share costed $40.

It means that a single share with dividends reinvested is worth over $10,000,000 in 2018!

If your grandpa would buy these shares, you might’ve been a multimillionaire now.

But you do realize that it’s almost a matter of luck and opportunity.

And of course, it is one in a million cases.

But many of the multimillionaires aren’t born with it, but they tried and struggled to reach that goal.

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