Hot news on Loyalty program – check it out!

In the end of 2018 FBS launched the long-awaited Loyalty program.

Read on to find out the most relevant information on it!

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Which countries trade with FBS the most?

Here are TOP regions taking part in the Loyalty program.

The difference between the participants is not that big for now.

Join Loyalty program to help your region become the most loyal one!

fbs loyalty program bonus promotion participants ranking

One of the most wanted gifts in the Loyalty program is Mercedes S-class that traders can get with the Prize points.

It’s a hot topic on social media: what is car’s configuration? Specifics?

After answering all the questions on this particular prize their support can easily become Mercedes experts!

Find out how to earn Prize points here.

Open FBS Real Account

fbs loyalty program bonus promotion participants ranking mercedes

As soon as you click the button to request your gift, diligent FBS elves start carefully packing the chosen items to send it to you.

The package arrives to the address you specified as soon as possible – full of gifts and love from the company.

Have a look at the gifts you can get for your Prize points here!

Join the Loyalty program and help us get even more fascinating facts like these!

You earn on Forex and get valuable and cool gifts for it – sounds like a good plan, right?

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