Yadix provides direct “Cash Back Rebate” for its traders.

The promotion is available for all traders of Yadix and there are 4 types of “Instant Rebate Account” within the promotion.

By participating in this promotion, you will get Cash Back Rebate from Yadix instantly, directly and for the unlimited time period and amount.

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Yadix’s Instant Rebate Program

Yadix’s Instant Rebate Program does not involve any costs or hidden fees.

Here are the main information of the promotion.

Promotion Type Cash Back Rebate
Available for All traders of Yadix
Promotion Period Unlimited
Cash Back Rate From 0.3 to 1.2 pips
Maximum Cash Back Amount Unlimited
Withdrawal of Cash Back amount Available with no limit

Go to the registration page below and open “Rebate” account of Yadix today.

Yadix Account Opening Page

How to participate in Yadix’s Instant Rebate Program?

Yadix’s “Instant Rebate Program” is available for all traders, both new and existing traders of the broker.

Follow the steps below to join in the promotion, and start getting “Cash Back Rebate” from Yadix for the unlimited time period.

  1. Open Yadix Real “Rebate” Account
    You must choose either “Rebate – USD” or “Rebate – EUR” account type as below.
  2. Make a deposit to the live trading account
    The required minimum deposit amount depends on the Rebate account type you use. For more information, please go to the next section and refer to the table.
  3. Start trading
    Once you start trading, the applicable Cash Back Rebate amount will be credited into your trading account instantly for all closed trades.
Note that zero profit positions will not qualify for this offer.

The promotion page and the main information of “Instant Rebate Program” can also found in the official website below.

Yadix Official Website

Yadix’s Cash Back Rebate account types

There are mainly 4 types of Yadix’s Rebate Account, and each of them has different conditions to suit various types of traders.

Rebate Account Type Classic Standard Scalper Super
Minimum Spread 1.5 pips 2.3 pips 0.0 pips 2.0 pips
Cash Back Rebate Rate per lot 0.3 Pips 1.0 Pip 0.2 Pips 1.2 Pips
Required Trading Volume None None 15 lots 15 lots
Required Minimum Deposit Amount $500 $100 $2,000 $5,000

With all account types, you can earn Cash Back Rebate instantly for the unlimited time period.

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Cash Back Rebate is Instant

For all account types, Cash Back Rebate amount is calculated instantly and credited into the applicable accounts instantly.

The Cash Back Rebate is calculated for all closed trades.

Regardless of the profitability of your trades, the Cash Back Rebate will be credited according to the trading volume.

Cash Back Rebate is Unlimited

There is no maximum limit to the Cash Back Rebate amount, thus how much you earn totally depends on you.

The Cash Back Rebate amount is literally unlimited.

Yadix, as a NDD (Non Dealing Desk) broker also allows any kinds of trading strategies on the MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms.

You can perform Scalping, HFT, Swing Trading, Hedging and use any types of EAs (Expert Advisers) and algorithm trading programs.

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Cash Back Rebate is withdraw-able with no limit

All Cash Back Rebate amount credited into your live accounts is yours.

You may use the amount for further trading or withdraw them all as your profit with no limit.

Yadix’s Instant Rebate Program is available for all traders.

Go to the account opening page below, and open your “Rebate” account of Yadix today.

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