XM's official Cash Back program for loyal traders.

XM’s loyalty program works like a Cash Back program.

The promotion rewards traders with XMP, or so called XM Points.

The accumulated XMP can be exchanged for “Trading Bonus” directly credited into live trading accounts.

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XM Loyalty Program’s main conditions

Here are the main conditions of XM Loyalty Program.

Promotion Type Loyalty Program
Available for All Traders of XM*
Promotion Period Unlimited
Trading Bonus Amount Unlimited
Trading Platforms Both MT4 and MT5
*Note that the promotion may not be available for some traders of XM due to regulatory reasons. To find out if you are eligible for the promotion or not, visit XM Official Website.

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How to participate in XM’s Loyalty Program?

Participation to XM’s Loyalty Program is simple and free.

Follow the steps below to start earning XMP for extra Trading Bonus.

  1. Open Real Account with XM
    Go to the account opening page and open a live trading account. The process may only take a few minutes to complete.
  2. Deposit Funds
    Use any deposit methods to transfer your funds to XM. The required minimum deposit amount depends on the account type you use.
  3. Trade and Earn XMP
    After confirming your participation in the loyalty program, start trading and you will automatically earn XMP according to your trading volume.
  4. Redeem Trading Bonus
    The accumulated XMP is shown in XM’s Members Area. Now you can exchange the XMP for Trading Bonus according to the specified formula.

The amount of trading bonus you can earn equals to “XMP / 3”.

To confirm your participation in the loyalty program, login to XM’s members area.

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Starting from the EXECUTIVE level

All new traders who have participated in the program, starts from the “Executive” level.

At the Executive level, you will earn 10 XMP per standard lot of trading.

The Executive level is the lowest level and your status will be upgraded and you will earn XMP with higher rate if you trade longer period with XM.

The upgrade/downgrade conditions, the rate of XMP per lot and the exchange rate to the trading bonus can be found in the next section.

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4 Loyalty Levels and XM Points

There are 4 loyalty levels within the program.

Each status has different conditions for upgrade/downgrade and the rate of XMP you can earn for every standard lot of trading.

Loyalty Status




1 lot (round turn)

1 micro lot (round turn)
0.1XMP 0.13XMP 0.16XMP 0.2XMP

Upgrade Conditions
After the first trade 30 days of trading 60 days of trading 100 days of trading

Downgrade Conditions
None 30 days of inactivity 60 days of inactivity 100 days of inactivity

Exchange rate to Trading Bonus
One third of XMP

Your status and the accumulated XMP can be checked in XM’s Members Area.

You can login to XM’s Members Area from the Official Website.

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Trading Bonus is not available for Withdrawal

XMP can be exchanged to “Trading Bonus” which will be credited to your live trading account.

These granted trading bonuses may be used for trading purposes only and cannot be withdrawn.

The trading bonus is credited to support your live trading with extra capital.

On the other hand, your own funds and profit made in the account can be withdrawn at anytime with no limit.

Please note that any fund withdrawals from your account which has received the trading bonus through XM’s loyalty program, will result in deduction of the trading bonus.

Please refer to the next section for more details of bonus deduction upon fund withdrawals.

Trading Bonus deduction when withdrawing funds

Any fund withdrawals from the account may cause the full or partial removal of trading bonus.

The amount of trading bonus removed from the account depends on the percentage of the withdrawal amount.

Please refer to the below table for more details.

Redeemed XMP Trading Bonus Received Profit generated from trading with the Trading Bonus Deposit Amount Balance available for withdrawal Amount of requested withdrawal Amount of trading bonus removal
3,000 $1,000 (3,000÷ 3 = $1,000) $1,500 $1,500 $750 (50% on $1,500) $500 (50% on $1,000)
900 $300 (900 ÷ 3 = $300) $200 $300 $500 $225 (45% on $500) $135 (45% on $300)

If you have any questions about fund withdrawals and the bonus removal, please contact XM’s multilingual support team from the Official Website.

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Different XMP rate applies for CFDs

The rate of XMP you can earn depends on your loyalty status, but they only apply to trading of Forex currency pairs.

For other financial instruments of Stock Index, Cryptocurrency, Commodity, Energy, Metal or Share markets, different rate applies.

For the rate of XMP for specific financial instrument, please refer to the terms and conditions provided in XM Official Website.

XM is a multi licensed FX broker

XM is a multi-licensed online Forex and CFD broker, and the service conditions may be different depending on the jurisdiction you are in.

XM’s Loyalty Program may not be available for traders residing in some countries.

To find out if you are eligible or not, please visit XM’s Official Website and contact support team.

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