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xChief Loyalty Pro plan

A Safety Net for Forex Traders

The forex market, with its high liquidity and potential for profit, comes with equal measures of risk—risks that can sometimes lead to a total funds wipeout.

xChief has crafted a robust safety net for its traders with the introduction of the “Loyalty Pro” program.

This innovative program is meticulously designed to mitigate the fears of loss and provide traders with a formidable backup plan to bounce back from setbacks.

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What is xChief’s Loyalty Pro Program?

The Loyalty Pro program is xChief’s commitment to its clients’ longevity in the forex market.

Here’s an outline of how it bolsters trader confidence:

30% Account Insurance:
In the event of a stop out, xChief reinvests hope by depositing 30% of your initial deposit back into your account.
25% Bonus Opportunity:
For those who navigate the market’s storms without a stop out, xChief credits 25% of the insurance amount as a bonus.

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Advantages of the Loyalty Program

Profit Withdrawal Freedom:
Withdraw your profits whenever you wish, free of any restrictions.
Withdrawable Insurance Bonus:
After achieving the required trade turnover, you are entitled to withdraw 25% of the insurance amount.
Stop Out Support:
Receive a 30% credit of your initial deposit to your account in case of a stop out.
Beneficial Insurance Terms:
The insurance amount is eligible for trading, with the added perk of withdrawal post required turnover.
Timeless Validity:
The Loyalty Pro program isn’t bound by time, granting you the leisure to trade on your terms.
All-Inclusive Trading Strategies:
All types of trading strategies and robots/EAs are welcome.

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How to Activate “Loyalty Pro”?

Activating the Loyalty Pro program is a hassle-free process:

  1. Account Setup: Sign up and open a DirectFX or xPRIME account with xChief.
  2. Verification: Complete the necessary verification steps for account security.
  3. Initial Deposit: Fund your trading account with a minimum of $2000.
  4. Activation Request: Reach out via Ticket or your Account Manager to trigger the Loyalty Pro plan.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Applicable Account Types: Available for DirectFX or xPRIME accounts.
  • Verification Requirement: Complete the verification process for plan activation.
  • Minimum Deposit: A $2000 deposit is necessary to enable the plan.
  • One-Account Rule: The plan is restricted to one trading account per trader at any time.
  • Withdrawal Conditions: Profit withdrawal is free from constraints, whereas bonus withdrawal is contingent on meeting the trade turnover requirement.
  • Turnover Calculation: The required turnover for bonus withdrawal is the deposit amount divided by 10. For example, a $2000 deposit necessitates a trading turnover of 200 lots to unlock the Loyalty Pro bonus.

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In Depth: Stop Out and Recovery

xChief’s policy ensures that a stop out is not the end.

Instead, it’s an opportunity to regroup with a 30% balance credit of your initial deposit.

This fund is subject to withdrawal upon completion of the required trade turnover.

For example, after a stop out on a $2000 deposit, you receive $600.

To withdraw this amount, you must complete a turnover of 200 lots.

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Loyalty Pro Cancellation and Limits

Once the Loyalty Pro plan is canceled, reactivation is not an option.

The insurance provided by the plan is capped at $10,000, ensuring that traders have ample coverage for their ventures.

Activation of the Loyalty Pro plan precludes the receipt of other promotional bonuses such as the $100 No-Deposit Bonus, Welcome Bonus, xPro Bonus, or Trading Credits on the same trading account.

The Loyalty Pro program by xChief redefines support in forex trading, offering a unique blend of protection and opportunity.

It’s designed for traders who appreciate the value of a safety net and the freedom to pursue ambitious trading strategies.

With the Loyalty Pro program, xChief is not just your broker; it’s your partner in navigating the forex waters, making sure that you’re equipped to sail through both calm and choppy market seas with confidence and support.

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