What is USGFX’s MT4 Cash Back Reward?

Until January 31st, 2021, USGFX will be providing an MT4 cashback rebate for traders in need.

On this promotion, you can directly earn a cashback rebate to your MT4 live trading account of USGFX.

The rate of cashback rebate is 1 USD per 1 standard lot.

There are no costs or other requirements to participate in this promotion, so by participating it, you can simply start earning extra profit on your live trading account.

The maximum cashback rebate amount you can get in this promotion is $3,500.

There are many special promotions run by USGFX, and this promotion is one of the most popular ones among MT4 traders.

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How to get USGFX’s MT4 Cash Back Rebate?


This USGFX’s MT4 cashback rebate bonus is available for all traders of the broker.

Folloe the steps below to get up to $3,500 cashback rebate today.

  1. Go to USGFX Official Website.
  2. Open a MT4 live trading account.
  3. Deposit any amount from USGFX’s client portal.
  4. Start trading to earn cashback rebate.
  5. Claim your cashback rebate to be credited to your account.

The promotion runs until January 31st, 2021.

Once the cashback rebate is credited into your live trading account, you can use the amount for further trading or withdraw them as your extra profit.

Note that this promotion is 100 standard lot based, meaning that you can claim your cashback rebate only every after 100 standard lot you traded.

This reward program is only for MT4 standard account and mini account holders.

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How is trading volume calculated in this promotion?

As explained above, the rate of cashback rebate in this promotion is 1 USD per 1 standard lot.

The maximum reward amount you can get is limited to $3,500 per trader.

For every 100 STANDARD LOTS, you can claim your cashback.

There are certain types of traders that are not eligible to get cashback rebate.

Here are some main rules of the cashback rebate promotion.

  1. Hedging orders will be counted as one order only when cashing back the rewards.
  2. EAs are not allowed for the competition.
  3. CFD does not apply to this reward program.
  4. Holding a position under 5 minutes does not apply to this reward program.
Withdrawal for the rewarding cashback needs to make extra 3 standard lots. For those who continue to trade, there’s no limit to extra lots.

Account-holders who meet the requirement of this reward program shall apply for the withdrawal within 10 days after January 31st, 2021.

The expired application will be denied.

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