Tifia Lucky Draw Information

Promotion Type Trading Bonus/Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw Prizes Toyota Yaris car, Yamaha NMAX motorcycles and iPhone Xs
Requirement Deposit $500 and Trade 20 lots
Fund Withdrawal Available at anytime

Traders in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Philippines with deposits over $500 made during the promotion period from April 15, 2019 to December 20, 2019 can participate!

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There are 3 different prizes for the 5 lucky traders!

Lucky Draw Winners Gift
1st Toyota Yaris car
2nd and 3rd Yamaha NMAX motorcycles
4th and 5th iPhone Xs smartphones

Every participant has the same opportunity to win the lucky lottery.

Meet the conditions and win a gorgeous prize!

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How to join Tifia’s Lucky Draw promotion

Follow the steps below to join the Lucky Draw promotion!

1. Signup and open an account with Tifia

Go to the registration page and signup for Tifia.

You can participate Tifia’s Lucky Draw promotion until 23:59:59 December 20, 2019 server time.

The promotion is available for Start (Micro), Classic and ECN Pro account types.

Tifia Online Registration

2. Deposit at least $500

The required deposit amount for the lucky draw promotion is 500 USD, or equivalent amount in other currencies.

3. Get a lucky ticket for each deposit of $500

You will receive one lucky ticket for $500 worth of deposit.

You will receive more lucky tickets from Tifia if you deposit more.

Thus more you deposit, higher the chance you win the lucky draw.

4. Trade more than 20 lots to activate the lucky ticket

To activate one lucky ticket, you must trade at least 20 standard lots.

For example, if you have 2 lucky tickets and trade 40 standard lots, you will have 2 lucky tickets activated.

If you haven’t activated the lucky tickets before the end of the promotion period, these lucky tickets are not qualified for the final lottery.

Here are some rules of the volume requirement:

  • Only tradings of Forex Major, Forex Crosses and Forex Minor are counted for the volume.
  • The amount traded with bonus funds is not taken into account when calculating.
  • When calculating the trading volume, locking positions are not taken into account.

5. Participate in the lottery to win cool prizes

Tifia will organize a gala dinner in the region after the promotion ended.

All participants to the promotion are invited, and the results of the lucky draw will be announced at the event.

More information about Tifia’s gala dinner, it will be published in the official website after the promotion ends.

Tifia Official Website

Deposit and Withdrawal Conditions

Tifia’s lucky draw promotion doesn’t set any conditions for fund deposit and withdrawals.

You can make additional deposits or withdraw funds at anytime.

For more information about the promotion, please visit Tifia Official Website.