What is Tifia’s Cashback program?

Tifia can refund the commission of the account deposit through any payment system, and withdraw the funds to the bank account through the local representative.

Deposit into FX trading account without commission
Top up your Tifia account via any payment method available in the Tifia customer profile, and Tifia will refund the commission you paid to the payment system. The funds in the account will be the same as the amount you sent.
Withdraw profits from FX accounts without any commissions
Using the “local payment” method, profits can be withdrawn to a local bank account without any commission. This payment method is only available to all countries where Tifia has a local representative. Get the same amount as you earned.

For deposits made through any payment system and payment method available through the Tifia customer profile, the commission charged will be compensated.

Commission compensation for deposits is applicable to all types of Tifia trading accounts.

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How Tifia refunds the deposit fees

Here is how Tifia refunds the payment system commission used to deposit in the trading account.

  1. The trader recharges $1000 to the trading account through the electronic payment system
  2. $980 USD is credited to the Tifia account (2% of the amount is collected by the payment system)
  3. Tifia deposits $20 of real currency into the customer’s account balance
  4. The amount on the trader’s account is exactly the same as the amount issued by it.

Under the best conditions, start using Tifia to make money in the international financial market.

Get a cashback from Tifia

How Tifia refunds the withdrawal fees

Here is how Tifia refunds the commission for withdrawing funds from the trading account.

  1. The trader withdraws $2000 from the trading account to the local bank account
  2. The bank charges a 2% payment processing fee
  3. Tifia increases the withdrawal amount by $40 (equivalent to bank commission)
  4. The money received by the trader in the bank account is the same as the amount withdrawn

Commission compensation for withdrawals is applicable to all types of Tifia trading accounts.

Remember, you can only withdraw funds to the system used to deposit your account!

The payment system commission for refunding the account deposit is a loyalty program paid by Tifia Investments Limited’s own funds. The company has the right to refuse to refund the commission without giving reasons.

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