SuperForex Membership Club Bonus Table of Contents


What is SuperForex’s Membership Club Bonus?

As a trader of SuperForex, you can join the Membership Club to get some extra benefits for free.

By participating in this club, you can get a spread discount, extra bonus, a longer period of deposit protection, 24/7 full support, and also SF Bank deposit.

There are many more benefits that you can take advantage of.

You can join SuperForex’s Membership Club for free from the client cabinet.

Some of the benefits of SuperForex’s Membership Club is also available together with other promotions of the broker.

You can see the full terms snd conditions of SuperForex’s Membership Club Bonus in the client cabinet.

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What is the benefit of SuperForex’s Membership Club?

There are many benefits to join SuperForex’s Membership Club.

Some of the benefits are available together with other bonuses and some can be received independently.

Spread Discount
After joining SuperForex’s Membership Club, you will get a spread discount for 15 days. The discount is 1.5 pips for EUR/USD. If you deposit more than $1000, then the discount period will be prolonged by 15 days.
100% Welcome Bonus
As a member of the Membership Club, you can receive a 100% Welcome Bonus instead of a 40% Welcome Bonus. To receive the Welcome Bonus, you need to request the bonus beforehand.
Private Facebook Group
As a member of the Membership Club, you can get the most accurate analytics and signals through a private group on Facebook.
Full support for 24/7
You can get a support for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This exclusive support is available for members of the Membership Club.
No fees on Deposit and Withdrawa
You can make a deposit and withdraw funds without any charges by SuperForex. Note that any fees charged directly from your payment service providers may need to be covered by you.
3 days extra protection
You can join Deposit Protection Program and get 3 days extra as a member of the Membership Club. This offer is available for any level of the protection.
SF Bank Deposit
SF Bank deposits are available to you without commissions. Commission for the conversion, withdrawal, and deposit of the investment portfolio is completely absent.
30% Loss Protection
SF Bank deposit is insured against losses that exceed 30% or more. If you happen to lose more than 30% of your deposit funds (in SF Bank), SuperForex would refund them to you as bonus funds.

As a member of the Membership Club, you can receive all of the benefits above.

You can also expect additional trading points, bonuses, special offers, and free gifts!

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How to join SuperForex’s Membership Club?

To join in SuperForex’s Membership Club and get the extra benefits, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Go to SuperForex Official Website;
  2. Open a live trading account;
  3. Make at least a $100 deposit;
  4. Apply for the Membership Club in the client cabinet;
  5. Start trading with the exclusive benefits.

Note that you cannot join SuperForex’s Membership Club with a live trading account with leverage over 1:200.

In the account in which you have joined SuperForex’s Membership Club, you cannot place an order of a volume more than 1 standrd lot.

The Membership Club Bonus cannot be combined with any other bonuses, including the 40% Welcome Bonus, the 60% Energy Bonus, and the 120% HOT Bonus.

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Withdrawal Requirement of SuperForex’s Membership Club Bonus

Any bonuses which you have received through SuperForex’s Membership Club can be used only for trading purposes but cannot be withdrawn.

You can withdrw your profits from the account which joined SuperForex’s Membership Club, once you complete the account verification with documents.

To be able to withdraw profits over the bonus amount, you need to trade a certain amount calculated as below:

Withdraw-able Profit Amount = Traded standard lot

For example, to withdraw $10 of profits over the bonus, you need to trade at least 10 standard lots.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is $5. The maximum amount equals to the amount provided by the bonus.
After each withdrawal, the sum you have withdrawn is cancelled from the bonus amount.

Become member of the Membership Club