SuperForex Deposit Protection Program Table of Contents

SuperForex Deposit Protection Program

What is SuperForex’s Deposit Protection Program?

SuperForex’s Deposit Protection Program is available for all traders of the broker.

By participating in the Deposit Protection Program, you can get compensated for the loss for a certain period.

The rule is simple.

If you lose more than 90% of your fund within the specified period, you will get compensated for the total loss.

The compensation fund will be credited as a bonus in your account, and can be used for trading purposes with no limit.

The Deposit Protection Program is free to participate and you can also participate together with some other bonus promotions.

Note that you can no participate in the

No Deposit, Easy Deposit, and Points Bonus are not compatible with the Deposit Protection Program.

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How the Deposit Protection Program works?

Here is how SuperForex’s Deposit Protection Program works.

  1. Open SuperForex’s Real Account of any type;
  2. Make a deposit of more than $50;
  3. Start trading and lose more than 90% of your deposit funds;
  4. Contact SuperForex’s Support Team via email;
  5. SuperForex refunds the loss to you as bonus funds within three (3) business days;
  6. You can start trading with the bonus with no limit.
If you do not make any deposits on top of your refund, then the compensation will expire in 30 days and all trading results on that account will be cancelled.

The amount of the compensation of loss is unlimited.

The duration of the Deposit Protection depends on the amount of deposit you make to the applicable account.

Deposit Amount Protection Period
From $50 to $100 1 day
From $101 to $500 5 days
From $501 to $1000 10 days
From $1001 to $5000 14 days
Above $5001 20 days

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How can I join the Deposit Protection Program?

To participate in the Deposit Protection Program, you just need to click on the “Activate Now” in the client portal.


Once you activate the program, you can track the status of the program in the portal.

If you cannot click on the button or an error message shows, you may contact the support team to find out the reason.

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Withdrawal Condition of the Deposit Protection Program

The bonus you receive through the Deposit Protection Program can be used only for trading purposes but cannot be withdrawn.

You can withdraw profits made in the account.

For withdrawals of the profit, you need to trade a certain amount calculated as below.

The required trading lot = Withdrawal Amount / 2

The minimum profit withdrawal amount is $10, and the maximum amount cannot exceed the total deposit amount.

You must make a deposit equal to or greater than the credited compensation within 30 days to be able withdraw the profit.

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