SuperForex $88 + $99 No Deposit Bonus Table of Contents


Summary of SuperForex’s $88 + $99 No Deposit Bonus Promotion

See the table below for the main condition of SuperForex’s $88 No Deposit Bonus promotion.

Available For All Traders of SuperForex
No Deposit Bonus Amount 88 USD
Promotion Period Until Further Notice
Required Deposit Amount None ($10 for $99 Bonus)
Withdrawal Of Bonus Unavailable
Withdrawal Of Profit Available with conition

The promotion is available for all traders including the traders who have received SuperForex’s other No Deposit Bonuses in the past.

Go to SuperForex’s Official Website, log in the client cabinet and find out more about SuperForex’s $88 + $99 No Deposit Bonus promotion today.

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How to get SuperForex’s $88 + $99 No Deposit Bonus?

Super NDB bonus program is a bonus that can be received without some deposit.

The Superforex set the amount of the bonus as 88 USD for all new clients, who requested the Super NDB bonus.

The term of use of the Super NDB is unlimited.

The Client can receive a Bonus twice only.

The first bonus will be credited as soon as the client request will be approved by the appropriate department of SuperForex, 2 business days after the request.

The second bonus will be credited instantly if the client makes a deposit of over $10 by one transaction.

The amount of the second No Deposit Bonus is $99 for deposits over $10.

Further deposits do not impact the amount and number of the Super NDB.
The second bonus will not be credited if the client makes a few deposits with a total amount of $10.
An own transfer (a transfer from another client account) is not considered a new deposit. So, a second bonus cannot be credited based on that.

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Withdrawal Condition of SuperForex’s $88 NDB Promotion

The Super NDB itself can’t be withdrawn. Profit over the bonus can be withdrawn but limited by the amount of received bonus funds and amount of traded lots.

Profit over the bonus should be unlocked according to the formula: 1 traded lot = $1.

The amount available for withdrawal depends on the number of traded profitable lots + deposit funds.

The Client can make a withdrawal only once. After the withdrawal, the bonus and the profit will be canceled.

Upon withdrawal, the client withdraws money in the following order: first, the deposit funds and then profit over the bonus. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

SuperForex is not responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result of canceling the bonus, including but not limited to Stop Out, as the bonus is the ownership of SuperForex.

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Trading Condition of SuperForex NDB Account

The maximum volume of the deal when using the Super No Deposit Bonus is 0.5 lot.

The level of stop-outs is 50% and the margin call level is 100%.

Withdrawal is carried out within 5 (five) working days from the date of filing of the request for withdrawal.

If the client withdraws the deposit only, the rest of the bonus funds including profit will be canceled due to being a part of the Super No Deposit Bonus.

SuperForex reserves the right not to provide or to cancel the Super No Deposit Bonus without any prior notice to its customers. Therefore we strongly recommend that customers should not use the bonus funds in the calculation of profit in their trading strategy.

Upon the traded lots calculations, SuperForex takes into account only the deals with a positive trading result of at least +5 pips per lot. Other deals will not be counted.

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