SuperForex × FXPrimeCashback

FXPrimeCashback has officially partnered up with SuperForex and now offering 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate.

The 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate is available for SuperForex’s Standard account.

FXPrimeCashback’s 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate is:

  • Unlimited in terms of amount;
  • No time limit;
  • Compatible with every bonus of SuperForex;
  • Withdraw-able with no limit.

Go to FXPrimeCashback’s page and find out more about the Cashback Rebate.

Go to FXPrimeCashback’s Page

How to get 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate?

To get the unlimited 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate on your Standard account of SuperForex, you need to open a Standard live trading account through FXPrimeCashback, then send a request form to FXPrimeCashback.

You can find the request form on the page here.

Once you complete the above actions, you will start earning the 0.4 pips unlimited CashbackRebate.

  1. Go to FXPrimeCashback’s “SuperForex 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate” page;
  2. Open a Standard trading account;
  3. Send a request to FXprimeCashback from the designated form;
  4. All done. Start trading and earn the Cashback.

The Cashback Rebate amount is automatically and credited to your account every weekend.

The amount of Cashback is 0.4 pips (according to the pip value of the symbol) of the instrument you traded.

Open SuperForex’s Cashback Account