How to get Pacific Union’s $50 No Deposit Bonus?

Pacific Union’s $50 No Deposit Bonus is available for new account users or customers who have opened accounts and all accounts under their names do not have any deposit records.

If you meet the conditions, there will be an event entry in your account management center (Client Portal).

Open Pacific Union’s Account

The way to join the event is to click on the event entry to apply for joining the event.

After applying for participation in the Account Management Center (Client Portal), 50 US dollars or its equivalent transaction credit will be automatically added to the account you applied for to participate in the event.

Note that Pacific Union’s $50 No Deposit Bonus is available for traders in the European region, Canada, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan.

Customers with the same IP/ID/passport are only allowed to apply for no deposit bonus once. If you have multiple accounts, you can only choose one of them to participate.

Open Pacific Union’s Account to Get the Bonus

Withdrawal of profits over the bonus

A credit of 50 US dollars cannot be withdrawn directly and the profit generated by the exchange can be withdrawn, but the profit must be more than 100 US dollars and less than 200 US dollars.

If it is greater than or equal to 200 US dollars, it will not be possible to make a withdrawal application. When reviewing the withdrawal application, the remaining amount exceeding $200 will be deducted.

Note: Close the position and apply for a withdrawal. Once the withdrawal is applied, the bonus will be removed and the activity will be terminated at the same time. Please pay attention when submitting the withdrawal application.

If you do not have a deposit record, you can use international wire transfer to withdraw funds; if you have a deposit record, you will generally withdraw funds through the way you have operated the deposit.

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