MarketsVox 20% Floating Bonus Table of Contents

MarketsVox 20% Floating Bonus

MarketsVox’s Floating Bonus 20% Promotion

MarketsVox is once again leading the way in online trading innovations with its latest promotion: the Floating Bonus 20%.

This promotion is designed to give traders an added layer of support, making it possible to bolster their trading positions during drawdown periods.

With a straightforward process to claim your bonus, MarketsVox ensures that traders have everything they need to potentially increase their market leverage and safeguard their investments.

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What is the Floating Bonus 20%?

The Floating Bonus 20% is a deposit bonus aimed at providing MarketsVox clients with additional trading funds that can be utilized during drawdowns.

This means that not only do you get extra capital to trade with, but this bonus also serves as a cushion in times when the market moves against your positions.

The essence of this bonus lies in its flexibility and support, offering a financial buffer that can be a game-changer in your trading strategy.

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How to Claim Your Floating Bonus

Claiming your Floating Bonus involves three simple steps that are easy to follow:

  1. Initial Deposit: Make a one-time deposit of at least $100 to your trading account. This sets the stage for your eligibility to receive the bonus.
  2. Email Notification: After making your deposit, reach out to MarketsVox via email at [email protected] with a request to apply the bonus to your account. This step is crucial as it officially signals your intention to participate in the promotion.
  3. Start Trading: Once the bonus is received, you’re all set to begin trading. The bonus funds will be added to your account as credit, ready to be utilized during drawdowns, enhancing your trading capacity.

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Key Features of the Floating Bonus

Bonus Size:
The bonus amount you can receive is 20% of your deposit, with the potential to receive multiple bonuses on different deposits, up to a total of $500 for all Floating Bonuses combined.
Eligibility and Restrictions:
The bonus is available to all MarketsVox clients who make a deposit through their Client Area. It’s important to note that the bonus will not be added to internal transfers or deposits from other contests/promotions by the company.
Withdrawal Conditions
Your own funds remain available for withdrawal at any time. However, withdrawing any part of your own funds or profits after claiming the bonus will result in the cancellation of the bonus.
Bonus Duration:
The bonus is valid for 60 days from the date it is applied to your account. If not utilized within this period, it will automatically be cancelled and removed from the account.

The Floating Bonus 20% promotion is not just about having extra funds to trade with; it’s about providing a strategic advantage that can be particularly useful in volatile markets.

By understanding and utilizing this bonus effectively, traders can protect their capital and potentially improve their trading outcomes.

Get MarketsVox’s 20% Floating Bonus

Why MarketsVox?

MarketsVox’s commitment to enhancing the trading experience is evident through promotions like the Floating Bonus 20%.

By offering additional support during drawdown periods, MarketsVox demonstrates a deep understanding of traders’ needs and challenges.

This promotion is a testament to MarketsVox’s dedication to providing valuable tools and resources that can help traders navigate the complexities of the market.

The Floating Bonus 20% promotion from MarketsVox is a compelling opportunity for traders seeking to augment their trading strategy with additional support during drawdowns.

By following the simple steps to claim the bonus, traders can enjoy the benefits of increased trading capital and a safety net that allows for greater flexibility in their trading decisions.

With MarketsVox, you’re not just trading; you’re trading with an edge.

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