LMFX’s 15% Recovery Bonus support you with extra margin after your account reaching the “stop out level”.

It does not work like an usual deposit bonus that gets credited into live accounts upon any deposits, but it will help you with extra funds (which is available for both trading and withdrawal) for your second time investment.

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LMFX 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus

By participating in this promotion, you will have an opportunity to earn 15% bonus when you need to rise up again.

Here are the main rules and conditions of the promotion “LMFX 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus”.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus
Available for All traders of LMFX
Maximum Bonus Amount Unlimited
Account Any account types of LMFX
Trading Platforms MT4 (MetaTrader4)
Promotion Period Unlimited

There is no fees or hidden cost charged by participating in this promotion.

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How to get LMFX’s 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus?

All new traders of LMFX can receive 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus only one time.

Follow the steps below to get the bonus.

  1. Open a live trading account with LMFX
    You can participate in the promotion with any account types.
  2. Make a deposit to the live trading account
    There is no required minimum deposit amount to participate in the promotion. Use any funding method you like to transfer your investment fund to LMFX.
  3. Start trading Forex and CFDs
    Login to the live trading account and start trading Forex and CFDs with LMFX.
  4. Your account reaches the “Stop Out Level”
    If your trading activity doesn’t go well, then the account could reach the stop out level which liquidates all open positions in order to avoid any further losses.
  5. Make a deposit again to the account
    Transfer your investment fund to LMFX to start trading again in the account.
  6. Receive the 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus
    When the deposit is credited in the account, you will receive the 15% recovery bonus too. The bonus fund will be immediately available for trading and withdrawal.

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How 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus works?

LMFX’s 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus don’t get credited into your account upon your first time deposit, but the bonus fund will be pending on your live account.

The bonus will be credited into the applicable account, if the account reached the stop out level then you made a deposit to the account again to start trading.

This way, the bonus will support you to rise again for the second time investment.

If you wish to receive bonus upon your deposit to support your trading from the start, then please refer to LMFX’s 100% Deposit Match Bonus.

Only one time and one account

Unlike the 100% Deposit Match Bonus, the 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus is available only once per trader.

You may want to decide which account you like to receive the bonus carefully before participating.

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Bonus Cancellation Conditions

When you have participated in this promotion and haven’t received the bonus yet (you haven’t met the requirement for the bonus to be credited), then any fund withdrawals from the account will cause full removal of pending 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus.

Bonus is available for trading and withdrawal

Once LMFX’s 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus is credited into your live trading account, then you can use the full bonus amount for both trading and withdrawal with no limit.

Once 15% Phoenix Recovery Bonus is credited in the account, the bonus fund will be yours.

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