Land Wallet 2.5% Annual Interest Income Table of Contents


Get Land Wallet’s 2.5% Annual Interest

Land-FX has launched a new online wallet service “Land Wallet”.

Land Wallet works just like an ordinary online wallet (e-wallet) service where you can maintain your funds online.

You can make a deposit to Land Wallet directly using various fund deposit methods or transfer funds directly from your live trading account with Land-FX.

Land Wallet is available in USD currency.

Why you should maintain your funds in Land Wallet?

The main advantage of Land Wallet is up to 2.5% annual interest income.

You can open Land Wallet for free and start earning the interest income.

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Conditions of Annual Interest Income

The rate of annual interest income depends on the amount of days you hold your funds with Land Wallet.

Technically, you will earn more interest income by holding your funds with Land Wallet for a longer period.

See the table below for more details.

Period of Funds held with Land Wallet Annual Interest Rate
7 days 0.3%
15 days 0.5%
30 days 1.2%
3 months 1.5%
6 months 1.8%
9 months 2.1%
12 months 2.5%

With Land Wallet, you can open up to 5 accounts.

Go to Land-FX Official Website and open you Land Wallet.

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Fixed Deposit to Land Wallet

With Land Wallet, you can also set up fixed deposit.

With this option, you can make a deposit to your account automatically.

The frequency of the deposit can be set from 7 days to 12 months.

You can deposit up to $50,000 a time with this option.

You can open up to 5 Land Wallet account to set up this option.

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