JustForex’s main promotion for its MT4 traders, is this 115% Deposit Bonus.

Through this promotion, you can get up to 40,000 USD bonus in your MT4 live trading account as extra trading capital, which is also available for withdrawal if you meet “trading volume condition”.

The percentage and the amount of available bonus can be changed at anytime by JustForex.

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JustForex 115% Deposit Bonus

All traders of JustForex can participate in this promotion with no extra cost.

Here are the main rules of the promotion “JustForex 115% Deposit Bonus”.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus
Required Deposit Amount 100 USD
Trading Platform MT4 (MetaTrader4)
Bonus Percentage From 50% to 115%
Maximum Bonus Amount 40,000 USD
Withdrawal of Bonus Available after meeting volume conditions
Withdrawal of your Fund and Profit Available at anytime

The bonus is credited instantly upon your deposit.

You can participate in the promotion with Cent, Mini, Standard and Pro account types.

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How to get JustForex’s 115% Deposit Bonus?

Follow the steps below to get JustForex’s 115% Deposit Bonus on MT4 accounts today.

  1. Open a live trading account with JustForex
    You can get the deposit bonus on live accounts of Cent, Mini, Standard and Pro account types. Note that for Cent account, the maximum bonus percentage is 50%.
  2. Login to JustForex’s client portal
    Use the login credentials sent to your email address, login to the client portal from the Official Website.
  3. Proceed to make a deposit
    Go to deposit section and choose your preferable method. When making a deposit, make sure to mark the line “Get a Bonus on Deposit” in the Deposit form.
  4. Start trading
    The bonus fund is credited together with your investment fund. No you can start trading with the extra trading capital.

In order to get a bonus you must mark “Get a Deposit Bonus” in the deposit form of Back Office, read and accept “Deposit Bonus rules” and click “Deposit” button.

The bonus will not be received for the internal transfer between the client’s accounts.

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JustForex’s 115% Deposit Bonus has 3 Tiers

JustForex’s 115% Deposit Bonus promotion has 3 tiers, and each tier has different bonus percentage as below.

  1. 50% Deposit Bonus for Cent, Mini, Standard and Pro accounts
    Deposit up to 100 USD and more
  2. 100% Deposit Bonus for Mini, Standard and Pro accounts
    Deposit from 100 USD and more
  3. 115% Deposit Bonus for Mini, Standard and Pro accounts
    Deposit from 500 USD and more

On every deposit you make, the bonus percentage is decided according to the above rule.

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JustForex 115% Deposit Bonus up to 40,000 USD on every deposit

The maximum bonus amount you can get through this promotion is 40,000 USD per account and also per trader.

The accumulated bonus amount cannot exceed 40,000 USD at anytime.

You may get JustForex’s 115% Deposit Bonus on every deposit for multiple trading accounts, until the maximum bonus amount reaches 40,000 USD in total.

Withdrawal Requirement of JustForex’s 115% Deposit Bonus

When you receive JustForex’s 115% Deposit Bonus, the bonus amount will be credited into “Credit” section.

The bonus amount in the “Credit” section can not be withdrawn, but available only for trading.

You can only withdraw the bonus amount in the “Balance” section.

To transfer the bonus from “Credit” to “Bonus” section, you must complete the required trading lots which is calculated as below.

The required number of lots = Bonus amount / 3

The same calculation formula applies for all account types (Cent, Mini, Standard, Pro accounts).

Note that orders with the trading result which is less than 3 pips, won’t be included to the calculation.

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30 Days Limitation

Note that there is “30 calendar days” limit to achieve the volume requirement for bonus withdrawal.

When you receive the bonus, you must meet the volume requirement within 30 days of the date of deposit.

If you fail to meet the volume requirement within 30 days, the bonus amount will be cancelled automatically.

Bonus may be also canceled prior to the end of the period in case the funds on the trading account of the clients are: Equity ≤ Credit.

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