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“InstaForex × FXPrimeCashback” 1.0 pip Cashback Rebate

InstaForex is full of promotions but you haven’t gotten them all if you haven’t still joined FXPrimeCashback.

By opening InstaForex’s live trading account through FXPrimeCashback, you can enjoy lifetime Cashback Rebate of 1.0 pip.

The Cashback Rebate has no limit.

With FXPrimeCashback, you will earn about 10 USD for every lot you trade on InstaForex’s any trading account.

This Cashback offer is available only through FXPrimeCashback.

Go to FXPrimeCashback’s InstaForex Page to find out more about the offer.

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How to get InstaForex’s 1.0 pip Cashback?

InstaForex’s 1.0 pip Cashback Rebate is available only through FXPrimeCashback.

If you want to get 1.0 pip lifetime Cashback Rebate on InstaForex’s live accounts, go to FXPrimeCashback’s official website and open an account from the page.

  1. Go to Instaforex’s page of FXPrimeCashback;
  2. Open InstaForex’s live trading account;
  3. All done. Start trading and receive the lifetime Cashback Rebate.

To start receiving Cashback Rebates, you don’t need to send a request.

As long as you have opened a live trading account from a designated link on FXPrimeCashback, you will be qualified for this exclusive offer automatically.

Get 1.0 pip Lifetime Cashback

Why traders choose FXPrimeCashback’s Cashback Rebate?

There are only many merits to joining FXPrimeCashback and getting a 1.0 pip lifetime Cashback Rebate.

First, you will just earn more.

With FXPrimeCashback, you will earn more (about 10 USD for every lot you trade) by trading. So there is no reason to avoid that extra profit for yourself.

Second, the Cashback is automated.

There is no need to send a request, but you will receive the cashback after 2 days from the date when the trades were closed.

For example, if you close a EURUSD position of 10 lots today, you will receive 100 USD in 2 days.

Last but not least, the Cashback is all yours.

All the profits you have received from FXPrimeCashback (that is 1.0 pip Cashback Rebate), can be withdrawn with no limit.

Are you interested in trading with InstaForex? Then open an account through FXPrimeCashback to earn more.

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