InstaForex Club is easy and free to join.

Once you join the club, you will start receiving bonus rewards every time you make a deposit to live accounts.

The bonus amount is unlimited and the promotion also runs for the indefinite period.

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InstaForex Club Bonus

All traders of InstaForex are free to join the club from the client portal.

Here are the main rules and conditions of the promotion “InstaForex Club Bonus”.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus
Promotion Period Indefinite Duration
Available for All traders of InstaForex
Account Types All account types
Bonus Amount Unlimited
Bonus applied for every deposit
Withdrawal of Bonus After meeting the volume requirement
Withdrawal of Profit Available at anytime with no limit

InstaForex Club Bonus can be combined with 30% Welcome Bonus.

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How to get InstaForex’s Club Bonus?

You can join in InstaForex Club Bonus for free if you hold InstaForex Club Card.

Follow the instructions below to join the club today.

  1. Signup and Open InstaForex Real Account
    You can participate in this promotion with live accounts of any account types. Account verification isn’t required to join the club.
  2. Make a deposit
    By replenishing your live accounts your account will be activated. The required minimum deposit amount to trade with InstaForex is only 1 USD for all account types
  3. Fill in the application form to enter InstaForex Club
    Login to the client portal from InstaForex Official Website and fill in the application.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will start receiving extra bonus (InstaForex Club Bonus) on applicable accounts for every deposit you make.

The amount of bonus you can receive is explained in the next section.

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Bonus Percentage for the member of InstaForex Club

All members of InstaForex Club can earn bonus on every deposit.

The bonus will be credited for the unlimited times and amount.

Please refer to the below for more information.

Deposit Amount Bonus %
Less than $500 1%
From $500 to $1000 2%
From $1000 to $1500 3%
From $1500 to $2500 4%
From $2500 to $5000 5%
From $5000 to $7500 6$
From $7500 to $10000 7$
From $10000 to $13000 8%
From $13000 to $15000 9%
From $15000 10%

You can combine this InstaForex Club Bonus with “30% Welcome Bonus” and earn more bonus.

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Combine InstaForex Club Bonus and 30% Welcome Bonus

InstaForex’s 30% Welcome Bonus and “InstaForex Club Bonus” (up to 10%) can be combined in the same trading account.

By combining these promotions, you can earn up to 40% deposit bonus on every deposit you make for the unlimited times.

Both InstaForex Club Bonus and 30% Welcome Bonus promotions allow you to keep the maximum leverage of 1:1000 and the stop out level to 10%.

For traders who are looking for higher rate of deposit bonus, then they can apply for 100% Deposit Bonus and 55% Deposit Bonus, but these promotions will limit the maximum leverage to 1:200 and incrase the stop out level to 100%.

100% Deposit Bonus is not available for withdrawal, while you can withdraw 55% Deposit Bonus, 30% Welcome Bonus and InstaForex Club Bonus by completing the required trading lots.

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Conditions of Profit and Bonus Withdrawal

You can withdraw your own fund and profit at anytime with no limit.

Please note that every time you withdraw funds from your account right after the Club Bonus has been credited, a part of the bonus proportionate to the withdrawal amount is cancelled.

To withdraw the bonus amount, you must complete the required trading lots which is calculated as below:

Bonus Amount * 3 = The required InstaForex lots

1 InstaForex lot equals to 0.1 standard lot, which is 10,000 units.

For the accounts opened in the RUR currency, the calculation of the trades volume is made by formula: X*3/50 (InstaForex lots).

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