InstaForex’s 30% welcome Bonus can be combined with “InstaForex Club” promotion.

The promotion gives you up to 40% Deposit Bonus without limiting the maximum leverage and increasing the stop out level to 100%.

Join the promotion, get the bonus for the unlimited times and amount and trade to withdraw them all as your profit.

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InstaForex 30% Welcome Bonus

This promotion is available for both new and existing traders, as long as the accounts haven’t received other bonuses from InstaForex.

Here are the main rules and conditions of the promotion.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus
Bonus Percentage 30% (becomes 40% if you join “InstaForex Club”)
Promotion Period Unlimited
Maximum Bonus Amount Unlimited
Withdrawal of Bonus Available after completing the volume requirement
Withdrawal of Profit Available with no limit
Number of accounts Unlimited

You can open multiple trading account and get this 30% Welcome Bonus on all accounts too.

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How to get InstaForex’s 30% Welcome Bonus?

Follow the steps below to get InstaForex’s 30% Welcome Bonus.

  1. Open InstaForex Real Trading Account
    You can participate in this promotion with live accounts of any account types. The number trading accounts you can get this 30% Welcome Bonus is unlimited.
  2. Make a deposit
    You must replenish your trading account to activate it. The required minimum deposit amount to start trading Forex and CFDs with InstaForex is only 1 USD.
  3. Apply for the bonus
    In InstaForex’s client portal, fill in the application form for the 30% bonus and specify the details of your trading account.
  4. Get 30% Welcome Bonus
    The bonus will be credited automatically on every deposit you make to the applicable account. The conditions to withdraw the full bonus amount is specified in the next section.
The promotion “InstaForex 30% Welcome Bonus” does not require you to complete account verification, but you are still recommended to complete them to expand the full options within the client portal.

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What’s different from 100% and 55% Deposit Bonus?

InstaForex runs various bonus promotions such as 100% Deposit Bonus and 55% Deposit Bonus.

InstaForex’s 30% Welcome Bonus has the lowest bonus percentage, but this promotion has merits which other deposit bonus promotions don’t have.

  1. Available all account types
  2. Leverage is not limited (leverage is limited to 1:200 for other deposit bonus promotions)
  3. Stop out percentage stays at 10% (stop out percentage is increased to 100% for other deposit bonus promotions)

You can also choose to get all bonuses on different live trading accounts by opening more accounts.

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Join “InstaForex Club” for more Bonus

InstaForex’s 30% Welcome Bonus can be combined with “InstaForex Club” promotion.

Be joining “InstaForex Club”, the bonus percentage of InstaForex’s Welcome Bonus is increased to 40%.

For more information about InstaForex Club, please go to the page below.

Details of “InstaForex Club”

Conditions of Bonus and Profit Withdrawal

InstaForex’s 30% Welcome Bonus is available for withdrawal as your profit, once you complete the required trading volume in the account.

The required trading volume for bonus withdrawal is calculated as follows:

Bonus * 3 = The required InstaForex lots

In case of RUR account the formula is Bonus * 3 / 50 and in case of EUR account the formula is Bonus * 3 * 1.1
1 InstaForex lot equals to 10,000 units which is normally considered as 1 standard lot.

You can withdraw the bonus only one time the full amount, but partial bonus withdrawal is prohibited.

During the promotional period, you can withdraw your own fund and profits at anytime with no limit.

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Rules of Bonus Cancellation

In case you are participating in InstaForex’s 30% Welcome Bonus promotion, please note the following cases of bonus cancellation.

  • The 30% Bonus is intended only for trading on Forex, so when using the bonus for trading cryptocurrency and CFD for shares, it might be canceled.
  • Participants agree that any funds withdrawal which causes the total amount of all bonus funds (bonuses received minus bonuses cancelled) to exceed 30% of the current free margin on the trading account is followed by cancellation of bonus part equaling the difference between these values.
  • In case bonus value is over 2000 USD and more than 10% of trades are made with less than 0.01 market lot (0.1 InstaForex lot, i.e. 1 point is approximately equal to 0.10 USD), the bonus can be reduced to 1000 USD.
  • In case bonus value is over 10000 USD and more than 10% of trades are made with less than 0.1 market lot (1 InstaForex lot, i.e. about 1 USD for point), the bonus can be reduced to 3000 USD.

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