HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus support your trading activity with real funds.

The bonus will be immediately available as your margin and can be lost by trading.

The bonus isn’t available for withdrawal, but gives you the real advantage to increase the the leverage.

You can get the bonus only on Micro account type.

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HotForex 30% Rescue Bonus

HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus is available only one time for all traders of the broker.

Here are the main rules and conditions of the promotion.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus
Available for Micro account type
Maximum Bonus Amount $7,000
Bonus for margin Available
Withdrawal of Bonus Not available
Promotion Period Unlimited

Unlike 100% Credit Bonus and SuperCharged Bonus, HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus is available as trading margin and can be lost without any requirements.

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How to get HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus?

Follow the steps below to get HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus today.

  1. Open HotForex Micro Account
    You can participate in this promotion only one time with a live account of Micro account type.
  2. Login to the client portal and apply for the promotion
    You can login from HotForex Official Website. The account which participates in this promotion will have up to 1:500 leverage.
  3. Deposit at least $50 or €40
    The required minimum deposit amount is $50 or €40 to get the bonus. The bonus will be applied to every deposit you make to the applicable account up to $7,000 or €5,000
  4. Start trading with the bonus
    The bonus amount will be credited into your account automatically.

The promotion offers you the real bonus to increase your trading margin.

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HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus supports your trading

HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus doesn’t give you virtual money or money that you cannot use for trading.

HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus can be used as Margin, can be lost with no limitations and can be used as “Stop Loss” as there is no limitation in using it for trading.

There is no requirement to receive the bonus, it will be yours immediately once you make a deposit to an applicable account.

The promotion is available only once per trader.

If you are seeking for more bonus promotions, then you may participate in other promotions available in the official website.

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Trading Conditions of Micro Account

HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus is available only for Micro account type.

Here are the main conditions of the account type.

Required Deposit Amount $50 for this promotion
Account Base Currency USD and EUR
Spread Type Variable/Floating
Minimum Spread 1.0 pip
Available Trading Volume From 0.01 to 7 lots
Stop Out % 10%

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Conditions of Rescue Bonus Withdrawal

HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus is available for trading with no limit, but cannot be withdrawn.

The bonus amount can be used only for trading purpose, but the bonus will not be yours even if you trade higher amount or longer period, unlike 100% Credit Bonus and SuperCharged Bonus promotions.

In case of any fund withdrawals, your bonus account will be subject to a proportionate removal of the rescue amount awarded.

The formula used by the system regarding Removals following a withdrawal request is:

Withdrawal Amount * 30%

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Stop Out Rewards is your extra bonus

HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus is available only once and one account per trader, but you will have a second chance in case the bonus account reaches “Stop Out Limit”.

If your Micro Bonus account reaches the “Stop Out Limit” which is 10% of the margin level, all open positions in the account will be closed automatically to avoid further losses in the account.

After that, you must send an email to HotForex’s support team to let them know your intention to receive additional bonus “Stop Out Rewards”.

Then, make a deposit to the applicable account again and you will receive additional 30% Bonus (Stop Out Rewards) up to $3,000 or €2,000.

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