HotForex 3% Interest Income Table of Contents


What is HotForex’s 3% Interest Income Promotion?

HotForex has launched a new promotion to provide its traders more profits.

Through this promotion, HotForex is giving away 3% interest income to traders.

HotForex gives the interest income on your free margin.

As long as you have funds in HotForex’s live trading account and trade, you will earn the monthly interest income that is available for both withdrawal and trading with no limit.

Note that the rate of the interest income is 3% annual that is calculated daily and credited monthly.

Performance will be calculated daily, based on your daily free margin and cumulative trading volume for the current month. The final refund due will be credited to your wallet at the end of each month.

Earn Interst Income from HotForex

How to join HotForex’s Interest Income Promotion?

Follow the simple steps below to participate in HotForex’s 3% interest income promotion.

  1. Go to HotForex’s Official Website;
  2. Open a live trading account (Micro, Premium, Auto, Zero, Platinum or HFCopy trading account);
  3. Deposit more than $1,000;
  4. Trade at least 5 standard lots a month;
  5. Receive up to 3% interest income from HotForex.

Note that HotForex’s 3% Interest Income promotion does not include bonus funds in the calculation.

Archived accounts are not included in the promotion.

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How much Interest Income you can earn?

Through this HotForex’s promotion, you will receive the calculated interest income monthly.

The interest rate is up to 3% annual and it is calculated daily basis.

In case of trading volume from 5 to 50 lots

Free Margin (USD) – Daily Rate of Return on Free Margin
1,000.01 – 25,000.00 2%
Over 25,000.00 2.5%

In case of trading volume from 50 lots

Free Margin (USD) – Daily Rate of Return on Free Margin
1,000.01 – 25,000.00 2.5%
Over 25,000.00 3.0%

Free Margin is calculated daily at midnight Server Time as follows: Free Margin = Equity – Margin (used) – Bonus

The Return on Free Margin is calculated daily as follows: Return on Free Margin = Free Margin*(Rate of Return on Free Margin (%)/100/365)

The interest income will be paid to you during the first week of the subsequent month.

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Requirements to earn HotForex’s Interest Income

HotForex’s 3% Interest Income promotion calculates only trades on Forex currency pairs and Precious Metals.

To be eligible for the promotion, you must trade at least 5 trading lots in your live trading account.

Note that only orders that stayed open at least 3 minutes.

Cumulative Free Margin in all of the Client’s trading accounts shall be more than 1,000 USD (one thousand US Dollars) or the equivalent amount in Euro or Nigerian Naira.

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Withdrawal Condition of Interest Income

The fund you have received through HotForex’s 3% Interest Income promotion can be used for trading or can be withdrawn in full with no limit.

HotForex’s 3% Interest Income is provided for live account traders to support their trading activities.

You can purely consider the amount of HotForex’s 3% Interest Income as your profit.

For more information about HotForex’s 3% Interest Income promotion, see the PDF file here.

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