HotForex $2 Million Give Away Table of Contents


HotForex 10th Anniversary Promotion

See the table here for the main information of HotForex’s $2 Million Give Away Promotion.

Promotion Type Bonus on Free Margin
Bonus Amount Up to 2% on Free Margin
Available For All traders of HotForex
Account Types Micro, Premium, Auto, Zero, Platinum, HFCopy and Islamic Swap Free
Promotion Ends in December 1st, 2020
Required Deposit Amount 5,000 USD
Required Trading Lots 5 standard lots
Withdrawal of Bonus Amount Available with no limit

The total prize fund which HotForex has prepared is 2 million USD.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, HotForex will be giving away 2 million USD to traders and partners.

Note that the promotion may not be available for traders in some regions, due to regulatory reasons.

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What is HotForex’s $2 Million Give Away Promotion?

HotForex brand was founded in 2009, and is celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving away 2 million USD prize funds to investors.

HotForex in 2020 has about 1 million Forex traders, and the prize funds will be distributed to traders who are currently trading with HotForex.

The bonus fund is provided monthly according to the free margin and trading volume of live trading accounts.

You can earn up to 2% on your free margin through this promotion.

HotForex as a professional broker, has a lot of advantages for investors.

Are you looking to invest with HotForex? Take this chance to get your share of the 2 million USD prize fund.

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How Bonus Percentage is calculated

The bonus amount depends on the free margin in your account and your monthly trading volume.

The % of the return on your free margin is decided as follows.

Free Margin – 5,000.01 to 50,000 USD
Monthly Trading Lots Less than 5 lots From 5 to 100 lots More than 100 lots
Rate of Return on Free Margin 0% 1% 1.5%
Free Margin – More than 50,000 USD
Monthly Trading Lots Less than 5 lots From 5 to 100 lots More than 100 lots
Rate of Return on Free Margin 0% 1.5% 2%

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How to participate in HotForex 10th Anniversary Promotion?

Follow the simple steps below to participate in HotForex’s 10th anniversary promotion.

  1. Visit HotForex Official Website
  2. Open a live trading account (Micro, Premium, Auto, Zero, Platinum, HFCopy or Islamic Swap Free account types)
  3. Deposit at least 5,000 USD
  4. Trade at least 5 standard lots (Forex or Precious Metals)
  5. Receive monthly bonus from HotForex

Note that the trades must be opened at least 3 minutes to qualified for this promotion, and only trades made on Forex currency pairs and Precious Metals will be calculated.

Cumulative free margin in the account must be more than 5000 USD daily.

For your information, the “Free Margin” and “Bonus Amount” are calculated according to the following formula:

Free Margin = Equity – Used Margin – Bonus

Bonus Amount = Margin * Applicable % / 100 / 365

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Bonus Withdrawal of HotForex 10th Anniversary Promotion

The bonuses credited to your live trading account is available for both trading and withdrawal with no limit.

The bonus is credited within the first week of the month.

The maximum bonus % is 2% on your free margin, and there is no maximum bonus amount.

HotForex runs more bonus promotions and contests for investors, and you can join them to support your trading activity too.

For the latest bonus promotions and contests of HotForex, visit HotForex Official Website.

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