For all traders of FXTM, the broker runs the “Loyalty Program”.

The “Loyalty Program” rewards participants with real cash rebates.

The promotion runs for the unlimited time period, and the maximum cash back rebate amount is $10,000.

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FXTM Loyalty Program

FXTM’s Loyalty Program rewards traders more if they deposit more and trade more.

Here are the main rules and information of the promotion.

Promotion Type Loyalty Program (Cash Back Rebate Bonus)
Available for All traders of FXTM
Promotion Period Until the end of the year
Required Minimum Deposit 1 USD
Cash Back Rebate Rate 2 to 5 USD
Maximum Rebate Amount 500 to 10,000 USD
FXTM does not provide services to residents in USA, Japan (日本), British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Iran, Alberta, the Democratic Republic of Korea, Puerto Rico and the Occupied Area of Cyprus.

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How to participate in FXTM’s Loyalty Program?

Follow the steps below to start receiving cash back rebate from FXTM’s Loyalty Program.

  1. Open FXTM Real Trading Account
    You can participate in the promotion with Standard, Cent, ECN, ECN Zero and Strategy Account of MT4 (MetaTrader4).
  2. Make a deposit
    There is no required minimum deposit amount to participate in the promotion. Higher the deposit amount, higher the level you can be and earn higher rebate rate.
  3. Start trading and earn Cash Back Rebate
    You can receive the cash back rebate on trades of all CFDs (excluding CFDs on shares), Forex, precious metals and commodity futures.

FXTM’s loyalty program runs until the end of this year.

You will receive the rebate amount on Monday(s) for all positions opened more than 5 minutes.

Transfers of funds between accounts are not considered as deposits for the purposes of the Net Deposit(s) calculation.

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FXTM Loyalty Levels, Rebate Rate and the Maximum Payout Amount

There are 5 levels within FXTM’s Loyalty Program.

Each level requires different net deposit amount, and provides you with different cash back rebate rate and maximum payout amount.

Please refer to the table below for more information.

Loyalty Levels Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Required Net Deposit Amount From $1 up to $15,000 From $15,001 up to $30,000 From $30,001 up to $60,000 From $60,001 up to $120,000 Above $ 120,001
Rebate Rate per Standard Lot 2 USD 3 USD 4 USD 5 USD 5 USD
Maximum Bonus Amount $500 $1,500 $3,000 $5,000 $10,000

Lots Calculation Period is Monday 00:01 to Friday 24:00.

The rebate will be transferred to the trader’s account on Monday(s) following the Lots Calculation Period.

Upgrade and downgrade processes are made automatically and instantly according to the trader’s net deposit/withdrawal amount, except the transition between level 4 and 5.

*Where the Account is in any currency other than USD the Rebate shall be converted to the Account’s currency.

*For deposit(s) below 250USD, the Maximum Payout shall be 200% on the deposit(s).

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Requirements to keep the Loyalty Level

Higher the net deposit amount, higher the loyalty level you can stay in.

To maintain your higher loyalty level, you must continue to meet the following 2 conditions.

  1. Meet the minimum account activation deposit
    During the Confirmed Level Period which is 30 days from any upgrade/downgrade date, you should deposit an amount equivalent to or above the Minimum Trading Account Activation Deposit.
  2. Meet the minimum trading volume
    The required minimum trading volume to maintain each loyalty level are as follows:

    Level 1: 1 < Lots <30
    Level 2: 30 < lots <=60
    Level 3: 60 < lots <=120
    Level 4: 120< lots <=200
    Level 5: <=200

Should you fail at any time the above-mentioned rules, FXTM shall downgrade you by one (1) level at the end of the period.

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