FXPrimus runs 100% Deposit Bonus promotion which is combined with up to 4 USD per lot Cash Back Rebate program.

Through FXPrimus’s 100% Deposit Bonus promotion, you can get up to 10,000 USD as extra investment fund to increase your margin.

The Cash Back Rebate program lets you to withdraw the amount of “100% Deposit Bonus” by trading in the live trading account.

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FXPrimus 100% Deposit Bonus and $4/lot Cash Back Rebate

The promotions offers you the opportunity to double your total deposit amount.

Find the main rules and details of the promotion in the table below.

Available For All new traders of FXPrimus
Account Types ECN Premier and Variable Spread
Trading Platforms MT4 (MetaTrader4)
Maximum Bonus Amount 10,000 USD
Cash Back Rate 4 USD or 2 USD per standard lot
Withdrawal of the Bonus Available upon completing the required lots
The maximum leverage of the live trading account which has participated in this promotion will be limited to 1:300.

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How to get 100% Deposit Bonus and $4/lot Cash Back Rebate?

The promotion is available for all new traders of FXPrimus.

Follow the steps below to participate in the promotion and get the deposit bonus and cash back rebate.

  1. Signup and open a live MT4 trading account with FXPrimus
    You can participate in this promotion with either ECN Premier or Variable Spread account types.
  2. Deposit at least 500 USD
    The required minimum deposit amount to participate in this promotion is 500 USD or equivalent amount in other currencies. The deposit bonus will be credited for both the first deposit and any additional deposits.
  3. Get 100% Deposit Bonus
    100% deposit bonus will be showed in the “Credit” section of your live MT4 trading account. It is available for trading.
  4. Trade to get 4 USD or 2 USD per lot Cash Back Rebate
    The bonus amount in the “Credit” section will be transferred to the “Balance” section according to your trading volume in the account.

Through this promotion, you have an opportunity to increase your profit rate up to your deposit amount.

Note that traders from China and Vietnam will only be able to participate in the offer using ECN Premier spread accounts.

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100% Deposit Bonus up to 10,000 USD

Once you participate in this promotion, 100% Deposit Bonus amount will be credited in your account upon any deposits over 500 USD.

The bonus fund will be immediately available for trading and you can use them to increase the maximum potential net position.

The bonus can be credited on both initial and additional deposits until the total received bonus amount reaches 10,000.00 USD.

10,000 USD is the maximum bonus amount you can get through this promotion, and no bonus will be awarded for additional deposits.

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Cash Back for ECN Premier and Variable Spread

Up to the bonus amount (100% Deposit Bonus), you can get Cash Back Rebate according to your trading volume.

The Cash Back Rebate rates are USD 4 for ECN Premier Accounts and USD 2 for Variable Spread Accounts.

By trading in the applicable account, the amount of 100% Deposit Bonus will be transferred from “Credit” to “Balance” section.

The full bonus amount in the “Balance” section can be withdrawn as your profit at anytime with no limit.

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Cash Back for tradings on on any financial markets

The promotion applies to all financial instruments available on FXPrimus MT4 trading platforms, except US Equities.

The available financial markets include Energies, Equities, Forex, Indices, Precious Metals, Futures and Cryptocurrencies.

There is no time limit, so you can trade as long as you want and any financial markets you want to get the Cash Back Rebate through this promotion.

Note that positions open for less than one minute are not eligible to get cashback, positions open for more than one minute, but less than two minutes qualify for 50% of the stated cashback amount.

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Bonus Cancellation Conditions

100% Deposit Bonus amount will be first credited into the “Credit” section.

The bonus amount in the “Credit” section is available only for trading purpose, but not for withdrawal.

Once you start trading, the bonus amount in the “Credit” section will be transferred to the “Balance” section according to the rate specified above.

The bonus amount in the “Balance” section can be withdrawn with no limit.

Note that any fund withdrawals may case full cancellation of the bonus amount in the “Credit” section.

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