For all new traders of FXOpen, the broker offers direct Cash Back Rebate for the first 90 days.

It is the Cash Back Rebate promotion available only for new traders.

You can get up to 3.6 pips cash back rebate which is the highest rate available in the industry.

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FXOpen Cash Back Rebate

Here are the main rules and conditions of FXOpen’s Cash Back Rebate promotion.

Promotion Type Cash Back Rebate
Rebate Rate 2.4 pips or 15% of commission
Promotion Period 90 days
Maximum Cash Back Amount 1,000 USD
Account Types ECN, STP, Crypto, Micro, PAMM ECN and PAMM STP

All new traders of FXOpen will be taken into this promotion automatically without any requests.

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How to get FXOpen’s Cash Back Rebate?

Follow the steps below to get Cash Back Rebate from FXOpen for 90 days.

  1. Open FXOpen Real Trading Account
    You can receive the Cash Back Rebate from FXOpen on ECN, STP, Crypto, Micro, PAMM ECN or PAMM STP account types.
  2. Make a deposit to your account
    The promotion runs only for the first 90 days from your registration, so you may want to make this process quick to get started early.
  3. Start trading
    The Cash Back Rebate account will be created separately automatically. The total cash back rebate amount will depend on your trading volme and the account type.
  4. Receive Cash Back Rebate
    Once 90 days passed from the registration, Cash Back Rebate amount will be credited automatically. Note that you cannot receive Cash Back Rebate won’t be credited if you have participated in any other promotions.

All Cash Back Rebate amount will be immediately available for withdrawal and trading.

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Base Cash Back Rebate rate × Coefficient

The Cash Back Rebate amount will depend on the account type and the margin used within the promotional period.

First, the base commissions for the account types are:

STP or Micro account 2.4 pips (5-decimal pricing) per trade
ECN and Crypto accounts 15% of the commission

The above standard commissions will be multiplied by the “Coefficient”, which will be decided according to the margin you used in all accounts.

The coefficients for each trading volume are as follows:

Used Margin Range Coefficient
Over $5,000 150%
From $5,000 to $15,000 105%
From $15,000 to $50,000 70%
From $50,000 to $130,000 45%
From $130,000 to $400,000 25%
From $400,000 to $1,050,000 10%
From $1,050,000 0%

If you have used more than $1,050,000 of margin, then you won’t receive any Cash Back Rebate from FXOpen.

The minimum cashback amount is $5, the maximum is $1,000m and the maximum cashback per trade is $100.

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FXOpen’s Cash Back Rebate will be available for withdrawal as soon as it is credited into the “Commission Account”.