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FXGlory 50% Deposit Bonus for all new traders

The 50% Deposit Bonus is FXGlory’s main promotion available for all new traders.

You haven’t received this FXGlory’s bonus yet? Then you have an opportunity to participate and boost your trading activity directly.

FXGlory’s 50% Deposit Bonus is available only one time for one trading account per client.

When making a deposit to your account, tick the checkbox of bonus then you will receive the bonus when the fund is credited into your account instantly.

FXGlory’s 50% Deposit Bonus will support your trading as margin and can be lost.

The Bonus can also be withdrawn as your profit if you meet the volume requirement in the account!

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Main Information of FXGlory 50% Deposit Bonus

To help you understand the promotion better, please refer to the below table for the main information of the promotion “FXGlory 50% Deposit Bonus”.

Bonus Type Deposit Bonus
Bonus Amount 50% on deposits up to $2,000
Available account types Standard, Premium and VIP
Withdrawal of Bonus amount Available after completing the required lots
Withdrawal of your profit and fund Available at anytime
Promotion Period Until further notice

Each client can open only one bonus account.

Visit FXGlory Official Website and check out the account types before getting started.

Go to FXGlory Official Website

Get FXGlory’s 50% Deposit Bonus Instantly

Through this promotion, you can get the bonus instantly upon your first deposit.

When you proceed to make a fund deposit to your FXGlory MT4 account from the Client Portal, make sure to check the box to confirm your participate in the promotion.

When your fund is credited into your MT4 account, the bonus will be also credited automatically and instantly.

FXGlory 50% Deposit Bonus will support your trading as margin

The bonus you get from FXGlory isn’t just a number, but it is actual fund that support your trading as extra margin.

If the account equity reaches below the bonus scheme level, you can even continue trading with the fund.

FXGlory offers the real bonus which actually supports online traders.

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FXGlory 50% Deposit Bonus is available for withdrawal as your profit

The bonus isn’t just available for trading, but it is also available for withdrawal.

To withdraw each $1.5 of the bonus, you must trade 1 standard lot.

You cannot withdraw a part of the bonus (either all bonus or nothing).

After the last deposit there must be minimum 6 trades with the minimum intervals of “50% of the largest trade volume time” with this condition that “all trades volume” must be more than “30% of the largest trade volume”.

FXGlory 50% Deposit Bonus Limitation for each account type

Note that the maximum bonus amount is limited for some trading accounts.

You can only get the bonus with one trading account, so you may want to choose your account type carefully.

Account Types Standard Premium VIP CIP
Minimum deposit 1 USD 1,000 USD 5,000 USD 50,000 USD
Maximum bonus 500 USD 1,000 USD 2,000 USD 0 USD
Margin call / Stop out 60% / 30% 50% / 30% 30% / 10% 20% / 10%

For more information about each trading account type, please visit the official website of FXGlory.

Visit FXGlory Official Website

How to get FXGlory 50% Deposit Bonus?

Follow the steps below to get FXGlory’s 50% Deposit Bonus today.

  1. Signup and Open a trading account
    The online registration steps may only take a few minutes to complete.
  2. Login to FXGlory’s Client Portal to verify your account information
    You only need to submit copies of ID and Proof of address to verify your account. The account verification will expand your available options fully in the client portal.
  3. Make a deposit
    When you make a deposit to your account, make sure to check the box of bonus.
  4. Receive the Bonus
    When your fund is credited into your account, the bonus will be also credited automatically.

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