FXGiants 40% Booster Bonus Table of Contents


FXGiants 40% Booster Bonus Information

See the table below for the main condition of FXGiants’ 40% Booster Bonus promotion.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus
Bonus % 40% on the first time deposit
Bonus Amount Up to $4,000
Promotion Period Until Further Notice
Withdrawal of Bonus Amount Unavailable
Withdrawal of Profit Available
Bonus on Multiple Accounts Possible

FXGiants’ 40% Booster Bonus is available for all traders of FXGiants.

You can also get them for multiple times by opening additional accounts with FXGiannts.

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Why you should get FXGiants’ 40% Booster Bonus?

FXGiants’ 40% Booster Bonus can support your trading dynamically.

The bonus is available only for trading and cannot be withdrawn as your profit, but the real advantage of the promotion is provided for the trading activity.

By receiving FXGiants’ 40% Booster Bonus, you can increase your account balance by 40%.

The bonus amount will dynamically supports your trading with more margin, thus you can increase the trading volume.

In case you made profits in the bonus account, you can simply withdraw your profits and the original deposit amount with no limit.

In case you made losses in the bonus account, the amount of loss will be divided according to the amount of bonus in the account, thus protecting you from the full exposure.

FXGiants’ 40% Booster Bonus works great for both cases.

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How to get FXGiants’ 40% Booster Bonus?

Follow the steps below to get FXGiants’ 40% Booster Bonus today.

  1. Go to FXGiants Official Website
  2. Open a live trading account with FXGiants
  3. Apply for the Booster Bonus in FXGiants’ client portal
  4. Make a deposit to your live trading account
  5. Receive 40% bonus on your account
  6. Start trading Forex and CFDs

There is no requirement to receive the bonus, but the bonus amount will be credited into your account automatically.

After receiving the bonus, you can start trading with the bonus with no limit.

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Withdrawal Condition of FXGiants’ 40% Booster Bonus

FXGiants’ 40% Booster Bonus does not limit you from fund withdrawals.

From the bonus account, you can withdraw your funds and profits as normal.

In case you have made losses in your trading account, 40% of the loss will be covered by the bonus amount, as calculated as follows:

Available Withdrawal Amount = Deposit Amount * Balance / Starting Equity

For more information about the promotion, visit FXGiants Official Website.

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