FXGiants 100% Bonus Maximiser Table of Contents


FXGiants 100% Bonus Maximiser Information

See the table below for the main information of FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser promotion.

Bonus Type Deposit Bonus
Bonus Percentage 100% on every deposit
Maximum Bonus Amount Unlimited
Available for All traders of FXGiants
Promotion Period Until further notice
Withdrawal of Bonus Not available
Withdrawal of Profits Available with conditions
Compatible Bonus None

FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser promotion simply double up your deposit, and will be credited to your account instantly.

The promotion is available for all traders of FXGiants.

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Why you should get FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser?

FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser is provided to increase the account balance by double.

Once you apply for the promotion, the bonus will be credited to every deposit you make to the account.

The required deposit amount to get the bonus is only $500.

For example, if you deposit $10,000 then you will receive another $10,000 as bonus, thus the total account balance will be $20,000.

When trading Forex and CFDs in the account, the supporting margin in your account is $20,000 in total.

With FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser, you can trade higher volumes that you couldn’t trade only with your fund.

The amount of FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser cannot be withdrawn, but can be a great help for your trading activity.

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FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser?

Follow the steps below to get FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser today.

  1. Go to FXGiants Official Website
  2. Open a live trading account
  3. Login to FXGiants’ client portal
  4. Apply for the promotion
  5. Deposit more than $500
  6. Receive the bonus on every deposit

FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser will be credited to your account for the unlimited amount until the bonus is cancelled for some reason.

Open your live trading account today, and double your deposits with FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser.

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Withdrawal Condition of FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser

FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser is provided only for trading purpose, and the bonus amount cannot be withdrawn.

The bonus amount cannot also be lost by trading, thus if the total account balance becomes less than the total bonus amount, the full bonus amount will be cancelled automatically.

In case of fund withdrawals, you will share the total profit or loss with FXGiants.

For example, if you made $10,000 of loss then the loss that you need to cover is only $5,000 as another $5,000 will be covered by FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser.

In case you have made $10,000 of profit, then the total profit amount you can actually earn will be $5,000 and the other half will be shared with FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser.

For more information about FXGiants’ 100% Bonus Maximiser promotion, visit FXGiants Official Website.

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