FortFS’s Unlimited Leverage is a trading tool available for all traders of the broker.

With this tool, you can maintain open positions with zero margin.

Meaning that there will be no margin requirement for positions you own.

You can apply this “Unlimited Leverage” on both “Fort” and “Flex” account types.

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What is FortFS Unlimited Leverage?

Normally, FortFS offers up to 1:1000 leverage, which is quite higher than the average leverage offered in the Forex market.

With the “Unlimited Leverage” you can open positions with zero margin, thus the leverage is “Unlimited (∞)”.

You can enable this “Unlimited Leverage” in FortFS’s Traders’ Room per account basis.

After the option is enabled, you only need to have enough margin to place the order in the beginning.

Once the order is placed in the account, the required margin will be set to zero as the “Unlimited Leverage” is triggered.

for any questions about this trading tool, please contact FortFS multilingual support team.

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FortFS Unlimited Leverage Main Information

Here are the main information of this campaign.

Promotion Type Unlimited Leverage
Available for All traders of FortFS
Campaign Period Unlimited
Requirement Account opening and Deposit
Limitations on Withdrawal None

You can use the “Unlimited Leverage: on either “Fort” or “Flex” account types.

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How to use FortFS Unlimited Leverage?

The “Unlimited Leverage” of FortFS is available for all traders.

Follow the steps below to use this trading tool.

1. Register and Open an account

Go to the account opening page and open a live account of “Fort” or “Flex” account types.

Note that you can apply the “Unlimited Leverage” only on Fort and Flex account types.

There is no limitation to the number of accounts you can apply the “Unlimited Leverage”.

2. Make a deposit

You can start trading on “Fort” and “Flex” account types from 5 USD of minimum deposit.

Note that you must have enough margin to support position opening. The “Unlimited Leverage” will be applied once the position is successfully placed in the account.

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3. Activate the Unlimited Leverage

Once the account is opened, login to FortFS’s Traders’ Room (you can also login from Official Website) and go to the “account parameters” as below.


Then check on the “Unlimited Leverage” box as below.


You can activate the “Unlimited Leverage” if the account has received any types of bonuses.

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4. Place a trade with zero margin

Now login to your account on MT4 platform, and place a trade.

At first, you must have enough margin to support the position.

Once your order is successfully placed, the “Unlimited Leverage” will be applied immediately and zero margin will be required for the position.

Note that you can only apply the “Unlimited Leverage” to Forex currency pairs.

If you wish to disable, you can do so in the “traders’ room” when there is no open positions in the account.

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Trade with zero margin

This FortFS’s Unlimited Leverage allows you to have open positions with zero margin requirement.

This trading tool may maximize the trading opportunity in your account.

Even if you are not using the Unlimited Leverage, FortFS offers up to 1:1000 high leverage for Forex currency pairs which is much higher than the average leverage in the market.

FortFS’s Unlimited Leverage cannot be applied during the important news announcements.

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Only for “Fort” or “Flex” account types

FortFS’s Unlimited Leverage can be applied on only “Fort” and “Flex” account types, but not available for Newbie, PRO and S.T.A.R. accounts.

The main trading conditions of these account types are as follows:

Account Types FORT FLEX
Account Base Currency USD and EUR USD and EUR
Price Quotes 4 digits 5 digits
Spread Type Fixed Floating
Minimum Spread 2.0 pips 0.3 pips
Maximum Leverage* 1:1000 1:1000
Financial Markets Forex and CFDs Forex and CFDs
Trading Volume From 0.01 to 100 lots From 0.01 to 100 lots

You can open multiple trading accounts and apply the “Unlimited Leverage” on any accounts as you want.

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Rules you must follow with the Unlimited Leverage

FortFS’s Unlimited Leverage is one great tool for Forex traders, but there are certain rules that you must follow.

If the rules are not followed, the normal leverage will be applied to these positions.

To apply the “Unlimited Leverage”:

  • The positions cannot be opened later than 360 minutes before the end of Friday trading session.
  • The positions cannot be opened earlier than 2 hours after the beginning of trading session on Monday.
  • One one instrument, the opening time of each positions must be more than 5 minutes.
  • The total number of open lots for 1 contract must not exceed 2 standard or 200 cent lots.

For more information and the rules of this promotion, please visit FortFS Official Website.

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