FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus Information

See the table below for the main information of FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus promotion.

Promotion Type Cash Back (Trading Bonus)
Available For All traders of FortFS
Required Minimum Deposit 100 USD
Required Trading Lots 10 standard lots
Maximum Bonus amount 500 USD
Account Type Standard, Cent and Islamic Swap Free
Withdrawal of Bonus Available with no limit
Compatible Promotion Megaprotect and 50% Deposit Bonus
Trading Platform Only MT4

FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus promotion runs for the limited time period.

Confirm your participation today to get the extra benefits from the broker.

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What’s FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus?

FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus is provided to support traders who trade relatively large amount of volume on FortFS MT4.

You can get FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus on both Standard and Cent account types on FortFS MT4.

By participating in this promotion, you can get up to $500 of extra bonus by trading certain lots.

The bonus is credited on every 10 lots you trade on your live trading accounts.

FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus will be credited automatically to the applicable accounts, and will be available for trading and withdrawal with no limit.

Open your live trading account with FortFS today to get FortFS’s +$500 For Trading Bonus.

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How to get FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus?

Follow the steps below to get FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus.

  1. Go to FortFS Official Website
  2. Open Standard, Cent or Islamic Swap Free account
  3. Deposit at least 100 USd
  4. Trade at least 10 standard lots
  5. Start receiving the Cash Back Bonus

You can participate in FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus promotion together with 100% Megaprotect Bonus and 50% Deposit Bonus promotions.

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Rate of FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus

The maximum amount of bonus you can get from “FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus” promotion is 500 USD.

The amount of bonus you can get by trading each 10 standard lots, depend on the amount of deposit you make.

See the table below for the rate of bonus you can get from this promotion.

Deposit Amount Bonus on every 10 lots of trading
From $100 to $250 2 USD
From $250 to $500 5 USD
From $500 to $750 7 USD
From $750 to $1000 10 USD
From $1000 to $1500 12 USD
Over $1500 15 USD

By participating in FortFS’s +$500 For Trading Bonus promotion, you will continue receiving the bonus as specified in the table above, up to 500 USD.

FortFS only calculates the tradings made on Forex currency pairs and Precious Metals on this promotion.

Any locked positions or hedged positions will not be calculated for the promotion.

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Withdrawal Condition of FortFS +$500 For Trading Bonus

FortFS’s +$500 For Trading Bonus can be withdrawn as your profit at anytime with no limit.

FortFS does not have any fund withdrawal requirements or conditions added for this promotion.

Note that if the account balance of your live trading account becomes less than 100 USD, then the account will be automatically excluded from the promotion.

For more information about the promotion, please go to FortFS Official Website.

Go to FortFS Official Website