FortFS provides all traders with 50% Deposit Bonus on every deposit.

Through the promotion, you can get up to $15,000 and increase the available trading capital in your account.

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FortFS 50% Deposit Bonus Main Information

FortFS’s 50% Deposit Bonus is available for both new and existing traders.

Here are the main conditions of the promotion.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus
Account Type Only “FORT” account type
Available for All traders of FortFS
Requirement Live account opening and a deposit
Promotion Period Unlimited
Bonus Amount 50% Bonus up to $5,000 or $3,500 per account
Bonus Withdrawal Available (with volume requirement)
Deposited Fund and Profit Withdrawal Available with no limit

You can get the bonus on up to 3 trading accounts, and the bonus amount is limited to $5,000 per account.

Thus the maximum bonus amount you can get is $15,000.

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How to get FortFS 50% Deposit Bonus?

Follow the steps below to get FortFS’s 50% Deposit Bonus today.

  1. Signup and Open an account
    Please note that deposit bonus is available only for FortFS Fort account types.
  2. Go to the deposit section
    Place the mouse pointer on the account section in the main menu of your traders room and press my accounts. Find the account you want to deposit to and click the picture of a wallet with a plus sign on the right side of the column. You are now on the deposit page choose the required payment system.
  3. Choose the bonus percentage
    After entering the amount you want to deposit on your trading account to get the bonus, place a tick near the get the bonus option and select the percentage, then click “continue” afterwards.*
  4. Get the bonus and start trading
    The bonus will be credited into your account automatically. Now you can start trading Forex and CFDs with the extra funds.

The maximum leverage allowed to receive bonus is 1:500 and if your leverage of your trading account is over 1:500 get the bonus option will not be available while depositing.

*Often, you will be redirected to the payment systems website where you need to enter your account data and confirm the transaction. A window containing the information about the successful transaction may appear in the deposit page afterwards.

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Trading Condition of “FORT” account type

FortFS’s 50% Deposit Bonus is available only on “FORT” account type.

The main trading conditions of “Fort” account type are as follows:

Account Type FORT
Available base currencies USD and EUR
Price Quotes 4 digits
Spread Type Fixed
Minimum Spread 2.0 pips
Execution Speed 0.3 seconds
Maximum Leverage 1:1000
Available trading volume From 0.01 to 100 lots

There are 5 different account types offered by FortFS.

For the comparison table of all account types, please visit FortFS Official Website.

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Withdrawal Condition of Profit and Deposited Fund

The participation in the promotion “FortFS 50% Deposit Bonus” won’t restrict withdrawals of your own deposited funds and profits made in the account.

You can withdraw your deposited funds and profits at anytime you want.

Note that if you haven’t met the volume conditions (which is explained in the next section), then a withdrawal your deposited funds will cause full cancellation of the bonus amount.

Withdrawal of only profit won’t cause cancellation of the bonus amount.

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Withdrawal Condition of FortFS 50% Deposit Bonus

The 50% Deposit Bonus of FortFS can be withdrawn as your pure profit once you meet the volume requirement.

To check your status within the promotion, login to FortFS Client Portal and place the mouse pointer on the bonus section in the main menu of your traders room and click deposit bonus in this page.

In there, you can check information about your deposit bonus such as amounts percentage expiry date and traded Lots.

To withdraw the deposit bonus, you have to meet the terms of the training turnover within three months according to the following formula

Bonus size in US dollars divided by 4

For example, you deposited 1,000 US dollars on your account and chose the 50% bonus, thus you’ve got 500 extra dollars as bonus amount.

In this case, to withdraw the bonus you need to trade 125 lots within three months.

The profits earned with the help of deposit bonus can be withdrawn freely anytime.

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