Receive Unlimited 0.2 pips Cashback Rebate

“ForexMart × FXPrimeCashback” means 0.2 pips unlimited Cashback Rebate.

By opening ForexMart’s live trading account through FXPrimeCashback, you can benefit from the Cashback Rebate offer for unlimited time period.

All you need to do is to open ForexMart’s account.

You don’t have to send a request, pay fees or meet requirements to start receiving the Cashback Rebate.

Go to FXPrimeCashback’s page to find out more about this promotion.

Go to FXPrimeCashback’s “ForexMart Page”

How to get 0.2 pips Cashback Rebate?

To get the unlimited 0.2 pips Cashback Rebate to your ForexMart’s live trading account, you just need to open ForexMart’s live trading account through FXPrimeCashback’s website.

Follow the steps below to start receiving the Cashback Rebate from today.

  1. Go to FXPrimeCashback’s website;
  2. Open ForexMart’s live trading account from the website;
  3. Make a deposit to your account;
  4. Start trading and receive the Cashback Rebate everyday.

Make sure you are opening your live trading account through FXPrimeCashback.

You don’t need to send a request, but you will start receiving the Cashback automatically.

Go to FXPrimeCashback’s Page

Choose an account type of ForexMart

FXPrimeCashback’s offer is available for all trading account types of ForexMart.

Now which account type would you choose? see the table below to find out the main differences between ForexMart’s 4 account types.

Account Types Classic Pro Cents Zero Spread
Average Spread 1.2 pips 0.8 pips 1.2 pips 0.0 pips (0.02% – 0.07% commission)
Required Minimum Deposit Amount 15 USD 200 USD 15 USD 1 USD
Execution Type Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution Instant Execution

By joining FXPrimeCashback, you will only earn more for an unlimited time period.

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