Condition of ForexChief’s Welcome Bonus

Here is the main condition of ForexChief’s Welcome Bonus promotion.

Promotion TypeDeposit Bonus
Bonus Percentage100% on the first deposit
Maximum Bonus Amount$500
Withdrawal ProfitAvailable
Withdrawal of BonusAvailable With Condition

All traders of the broker can get ForexChief’s Welcome Bonus on their live trading accounts.

Open a live trading account with ForexChief today and get the bonuses to support your trading activities.

Get ForexChief’s Welcome Bonus

Why you should get ForexChief’s welcome bonus?

ForexChief’s welcome bonus in the amount of 100% of the first deposit amount, but not more than 500 USD.

The bonus is credited automatically.

The profit can be withdrawn without restrictions, and the bonus itself can be withdrawn after the required turnover has been completed.

  • Fast verification of personal data to receive a bonus.
  • The bonus is credited to the account automatically upon the first deposit.
  • The maximum bonus amount is $ 500.
  • The bonus can be withdrawn after completing the required turnover. Profit can be withdrawn without restrictions.
  • Trading robots and any trading strategies, including scalping and arbitrage, are allowed.
  • The bonus has an unlimited validity period.

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How to get ForexChief’s Welcome Bonus?

To receive the welcome bonus, you need to open an MT4 DirectFX, MT4 Classic +, MT5 DirectFX or MT5 Classic + trading account.

Please note that the bonus can only be received on a standard account, cent accounts do not participate in the promotion!

  1. Register and open a standard trading account;
  2. On the replenishment form, check the box “Add Welcome Bonus”;
  3. Complete the operation and make sure that the bonus is credited to the account;
  4. Make the required turnover and withdraw the bonus along with the profit.

The bonus can be received only once at the time of replenishment of the account in the amount of at least 50 USD (or the equivalent in the account currency). To do this, on the top-up form, select the “Add Welcome Bonus” option.

The bonus amount is 100% of the deposit amount, but not more than 500 USD (or the equivalent in the account currency).

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Use ForexChief’s Welcome Bonus to support tradings

The bonus is credited to the Credit field and cannot be used in a “drawdown”.

The Bonus will be automatically debited from the account if the Equity is reduced to the level of the Credit.

This means that if the Equity becomes less than or equal to the Credit, the welcome bonus will be debited from the account and all positions will be closed forcibly in automatic mode.

For example, the trader made a 500 USD deposit and received a 500 USD welcome bonus. If the amount of Funds drops to the level of 500 (value from the Credit field), then the bonus (accounted in the Credit field) will be automatically debited from the account and all open positions will be forcibly closed.

Get ForexChief’s Welcome Bonus

Withdrawal of ForexChief’s Welcome Bonus

It is allowed to withdraw profits from the account indefinitely, but the bonus itself can be withdrawn only after the Required turnover is completed, the amount of which is calculated by the formula: Required turnover = Bonus amount in USD * 50,000

For example, when you deposit 200 USD, a welcome bonus of 200 USD was credited. In this case, the Required turnover = 200 * 50,000 = 10,000,000 USD (which is equivalent to 44 lots of EURUSD in the MetaTrader platform).

In the trade turnover, the turnover for each completed transaction is summed up, both for opening positions and for closing positions.

For example, BUY 1 lot EURUSD (1 lot = 100,000 EUR) opened at 1.1257 and closed at 1.1283. Trading turnover = (100,000 * 1.1257) + (100,000 * 1.1283) = 225,400 USD

SELL 5 lot USDJPY (1 lot = 100,000 USD) opened at 109.806 and closed at 109.352. Trading turnover = (500,000 * 1) + (500,000 * 1) = 1,000,000 USD

BUY 3.5 lot GBPUSD (1 lot = 100,000 GBP) opened at 1.2978 and closed at 1.2985. Trade turnover = (350,000 * 1.2978) + (350,000 * 1.2985) = 908,705 USD

As long as there is an active bonus on the account, the following restrictions apply for withdrawals:

Available for withdrawal = Free margin – Welcome bonus – The amount of the deposit on which the bonus was received

To remove restrictions on the withdrawal of funds, the client has the right to refuse the welcome bonus in the Personal Account.

In this case, only the bonus amount will be debited from the account.

The deposit itself, as well as the accumulated profit, will remain on the account.

In the Personal Account, in the Welcome Bonus section, you will find complete information about the bonus, including the Required and Completed Turnover.

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